Something Must Be Done To End The Lunacy



In response to two recent letters which appeared in your periodical on April 13, 2004, entitled "Preparing for a Kerry America" and "Bush is taking care of business" just let me observe that if anyone knows the writer of the first letter, I would suggest that they have the mercy to take away his crayolas. As to the latter author, I would agree, Bush has, indeed, taken care of business; namely, Halliburton, Bechtel and its subsidiaries. Perhaps it would be better to have letters discussing substance rather than these childish and ridiculous observations.

The present administration that wishes to "Change the World" because Bush has a "soulful" "calling" and "conviction" from the "Almighty" has to be addressed by serious thinking and well-educated minds. This failed regime bears the responsibility as we continue to lose American lives in Iraq, an unnecessary war with only one exit strategy; defeat in the name of victory, passing sovereignty to a non-existent government followed by continued occupation by U.S. army personnel and "regulators" hired guns of the private industry.

We continue to lose our Constitutional rights as citizens through the Patriot Act and yet we, as Americans, are not any safer today from the next terrorist action which will take place.

We continue to destroy Social Security and Medicare in favor of the special interest of the drug companies.

We continue to leave children behind as our educational programs get gutted of support due to "tax cuts."

We continue to see our gasoline and energy costs skyrocket; why are we surprised with the president and vice president coming from the energy cartel?

We continue to unite the Islamic fanatics creating new generations of Bin Ladins and suicide bombers.

We celebrate 350,000 new jobs in the past four months, when we have lost 10,000,000 jobs since this administration "took over." Let me ask you, if you gave someone $10 million dollars as a loan and you were paid back $350,000 dollars, would you think that you made a good deal?

So, while some delight and are amused in this dismantling of our wonderful nation, I do not. I only pray that more responsible Americans, real Americans, educate themselves on the issues and realize that something must be done to end this lunacy.

Mark Ernest Reza


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