Vote Yes On The Override Election



Doesn't everyone in this country want great leaders who know how to govern the people? Who will be running the town, the state, and the country in thirty years? Children who are trying to get a good education now are our future leaders. What does any good leader need? - A well-rounded education. Payson schools need more funding to help these kids gain the knowledge that they need to be successful.

If the upcoming "override" proposition does not pass, many teachers will be cut from the Payson School District. This will make classes larger and students will not get the attention they need. Without the money, extra-curricular school programs could be discontinued. Without these programs, many students may turn to dropping out of school, which usually leads to crime.

With more money, the schools could have better materials and equipment. With more money, the schools could afford to have more teachers and smaller classes.

The "override" proposition allows the schools the financing they need to train the future leaders of America. It gives students a better learning environment. As a student, I encourage everyone to vote "yes" on the "override" proposition.

Jami Flake

Eighth-Grade, RCMS

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