Brewer Best Choice For Mayor



In my view, Barbara Brewer has the up-to-date experience, the commitment and the work ethic that, along with her integrity and cooperative attitude, makes her the best choice for Payson's next mayor. As a council member and more recently as vice mayor, she has been "on duty" for the past eight years, a period during which Jim Chase has been largely absent from our town.

Mr. Chase seems pleasant enough, but I'm troubled by his evasive responses to questions in the Roundup and on local radio interviews. It suggests that either he is not up-to-date on the issues, or he has an agenda he doesn't want to talk about.

I'm also troubled by some of the more vocal sources of his support, including candidates rejected by the voters in the primary election who evidently want to be "king-makers" in the upcoming election. Then there was a letter of support from a former Payson councilman who's been living in Oregon for the past few years, who quotes Mr. Chase as telling him, "I would like to bring Payson back to what it was years ago." I'm confident most people in Payson want to move forward, not backwards.

Above all, I know Barbara listens to all viewpoints and makes the best decisions she can, based on that input, her knowledge of the issues and her conscience. I believe she will carry that openness into a consensus-building leadership role as mayor.

H. M. Crawford, Payson

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