Caws Backs Citizen Control



It is too bad that Mr. Estess feels that being well prepared for our community meeting is a negative thing, but we are not surprised.

Yes, we had an agenda and we tried to keep the meeting on track so that we did not abuse the time and attention our neighbors were giving to this very important issue -- reclaiming our water district, PSWID.

As we responded during the Q&A, the last PSWID citizen Board of Directors put forward a six-step plan to further water exploration and to find a "home" for any available water.

We are asking that an election of the board be held in November to give control of the district back to the community so that this six-step plan can be implemented.Finding water and finding a distributor for that water do not have to be serial tasks -- they are not mutually exclusive.
If we do not return control of PSWID to the community, we will continue to see our tax dollars squandered by the Gila County Board of Supervisors pursuing activities that have nothing to do with the goals of the district.he county has spent our tax dollars on attorney and consulting fees fighting the rate increase requested by Pine Water Company.The ACC and its staff are perfectly capable of protecting our interests in rate case hearings for Arizona Public Service, Qwest, and all other utility companies in the state -- why would they not do their job for the Pine Water Company rate increase?
CAWS is nothing more than a group of property owners with no vested interests other than keeping our district in citizen hands and out of the hands of the politicians and developers.We answered all questions asked of us to the very best of our abilities.

We could not speak for Pine Water Company or Ron Christensen, or Ray Pugel or Loren Peterson or Mr. Estess, since their motives continue to be secret and questionable.e provided a list of names and telephone numbers of the members of CAWS and remain available to discuss this issue with the newspaper as well as the citizens of Pine and Strawberry.

Steve and Carol Scott, Pamela Mason, Gene Verhulst, Ken and Ann Eme, Jack and Sue Shearon, Robert and Barbara Privette, Bette and Lindy Kelly, Toni Sorel

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