Jre Principal Promoted To District Office


After 21 years as director of special services for the Payson Unified School District, Kenneth Macnab is stepping aside to allow the transition to a successor to begin.

That successor will be Ardyth Potter, principal of Julia Randall Elementary School. The PUSD school board appointed Macnab district psychologist and Potter his successor at a special meeting Thursday, April 15.


Ardyth Potter

"It was very timely, and I admire the board for their courage to take a jump," Macnab said. "I think there were some very positive things that occurred over the past 20-plus years."

Macnab said he planned to retire sometime during the next few years.

"It's one of those deals where I didn't come into this position because I wanted administration, but yet it's becoming overwhelmingly a lot of administration, and every year it's becoming more and more," he said. "I'm looking at retirement, and we need to bring somebody in to make sure they know what's going on."

PUSD Superintendent Herb Weissenfels said Macnab will simply replace psychologist Jeanette Merritt, who resigned.

"(Macnab) is probably one of the best psychologists in the state," Weissenfels said, "so this is a logical time for a change. Ken has done a fantastic job over the past 20 years, including times when we didn't have both a psychologists and a special services director."

Potter was a special education teacher at Blue Ridge before coming to Payson as principal of JRE two years ago.

"She essentially ran the special education department at Blue Ridge," Weissenfels said. "She has that background and, of course, she has the administrative background. She's also been instrumental in developing some special needs programs down at JRE."

Potter was not available for comment.

Macnab described both his and Potter's duties:

"I will take care of the psychological services aspect of what this office has provided over the years and will continue obviously to provide support as far as primary knowledge and expertise," he said. "The director of special services is basically a compliance officer for both federal and state regulations as it applies to programs and services within the district."

About 380 students out of a total of 2,900 students in the district are classified as special services students.

Potter and Macnab will assume their duties July 1.

The principal's position at JRE will be posted nationwide, and a committee will interview finalists.

Other actions

The board voted not to take the second snow day off this school year as recommended by the Superintendent's Advisory Council.

The board also approved Joe Martin, director of support operations, as interim food services director for the remainder of the school year to replace Dan Bowditch, who resigned to take a similar position in the Valley. Martin will assume the new position in addition to his current job, and the food services job will be posted at the end of the year.

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