Noise, Event Center Top Council's Agenda


Revamped noise ordinances will be among the items to be discussed at the April 22 regular meeting of the Payson Town Council.

Town Manager Fred Carpenter predicts any noise ordinance changes the council considers could draw "lots of interest."

Ordinance changes could include restrictions on anything from barking dogs to loud stereos, Carpenter said.

If the current codes are deemed inadequate, the council could begin the process to update and change them.

Also on the agenda is an agreement with Valley promoters Steve Nielsen and Dave Fackler for consultation on the Payson Event Center. Nielsen and Fackler were involved in the Mill Avenue project in Tempe. Once a dying area, Mill Avenue is now one of the most vibrant downtowns in the state.

If the council approves the agreement with Nielsen-Fackler for development of the event center, the Tempe firm would lease the 36 acres and begin efforts to promote the facility.

Representatives of the Nielsen-Fackler firm are expected to attend the meeting to answer questions about their approach to the project.

Carpenter calls the proposed contract between the town and Nielsen-Fackler a two-part agreement in that the promoters would lease the center but continue to allow already scheduled events to be held, like the Payson Rodeo.

First readings also are scheduled for the adoption of an ordinance to complete zone changes for the new Home Depot store and for the American Gulch area owned by John and Jeri Chilson. A rezoning of Chilson property from residential to commercial would allow the owners to build office condominiums.

The council will consider a resolution to allow the mayor to authorize a cable system license agreement with NPG Cable. The council received public comment concerning the lease at an April 8 public hearing.

Airport lots

At a special meeting of the council scheduled for 5 p.m., the council will consider the disposition of eight Sky Park industrial complex lots owned by the town.

At an April 8 meeting, the item was discussed for about an hour-and-a-half then tabled.

The special meeting drew more spectators than did the regular council meeting.

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