Please Use Caution In Our Forests



As we are nearing summer and our forests are still as dry as ever, I would like to remind the entire Payson area residents to exercise safe fire use. Even though lately it has been raining and snowing, it will take 40 days and 40 nights of raining to take us out of the drought, like your reporter Jim Keyworth said in a Feb. 18 article.

I live in Pine, and as some of you might know, the forests in Pine are full of dry, dead trees caused by an invasion of bark beetles. These trees are excellent fuel for a forest fire and will let the fire move more rapidly throughout the forest.

If you are visiting throughout the Pine-Strawberry area, please exercise caution dealing with cigarette butts or matches. Let's keep our forests alive and beautiful.

Sadie Sleeper, Eighth grader, RCMS

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