Support The Override, Build The Future



Craig Swartwood and Payson Kids Count hit the nail on the head. Schools are built to educate children. They are our tomorrow. Our teachers have our children six to eight hours a day teaching and molding them into the future citizens they will become. Teachers are highly influential in the lives of students. Yet, these same people, teachers, are not fully appreciated for the work they do.

They do not teach to become wealthy. A good teacher wants to work with young people. I taught in Payson schools for 26 years. We sent five children through Payson schools; three grandchildren, and now there is one grandchild and four great-grandchildren in Payson schools. As Craig said, I, too, will drive over rutty roads to insure that our young people are well educated. They should be paramount in our minds.

Teachers are the backbone of the school system. Yet, look at their pay in comparison to other fields. Where is the acknowledgment? My vote for the override is to improve the lot of our children and the teachers. Hopefully, you, too, will vote for this override for our future.

Jim York, Payson

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