Where's The Money And Water?



An answer to the PEP boys.

Mr. Estess keeps giving reference to Our Group. Who is this wonderful group who is going to solve our water situation? Where are they going to obtain the funds? Most of all, where are they going to find enough water to supply the Pine-Strawberry area, plus water which will be needed for the future -- lots of it. It appears this group ignores our best possibility, which is in the west end of Strawberry for water. Why?

Mr. Estess talks about all the wonderful plans and benefits. What is all of these so-called wonderful things going to cost us, and who will really benefit?

We have already experienced enough of a so-called competent (faux) PSWID which has already squandered our funds, and refuse to hold any open PSWID meetings in Pine. We have no idea what is going on with this group, as we are kept ill informed on all matters. We need a dollar-for-dollar accounting of all funds and who received these funds and for what purpose.

Mr. Estess stated he didn't want any CAWS members on the next PSWID. I don't believe that's up to him, or any group, to decide; that's for the people of Pine-Strawberry to determine by an honest, legal election.

If all this is the wonderful doings of so-called competent groups, then we are in deep trouble, and probably deep debt. We need water -- not a lot of wind.

Ed Welge, Past PSWID Member, Pine

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