Better Site, Bigger Space Prompt Herb Stop Move


Sharon Bowes recently purchased The Herb Stop from Natalie Haidu, and moved the business to the Payson Village Shopping Center, 130 E. Highway 260, next to Subway.

"It's a better location and the store area is bigger," she said.


Sharon Bowes, who took over The Herb Stop in October, moved the herbal medicine store to the Payson Village Shopping Center in February. It is located west of Bashas' between Subway and Shear Attitude.

"I've always liked herbalism and found Natalie was very knowledgeable," Bowes said.

Bowes grew up in Payson, then left the area after finishing high school. She traveled and seriously researched herbal medicine in the western United States. Bowes returned to Payson in December 1998.

"I really found only three legitimate herbal medicine stores," she said. One was in Washington, the other in Oregon and the third is The Herb Stop, which has operations in Phoenix, Santa Fe and Ruidoso, N.M., as well as Payson.

A lifelong desire to help and care for people led Bowes to the field of medicine. She started in conventional studies, training to become a Certified Nurse Assistant and phlebotomist.

Her interest in herbal medicine brought Bowes together with Haidu. Haidu began teaching Bowes about health and healing.

"I have learned to help myself and my children stay healthy by using herbs," Bowes said. "I wanted to share my excitement and what I had learned thus far with the rest of Payson. This is when I was offered the Payson Herb Stop."

With Haidu providing Bowes with a good, strong foundation through classes, the new owner of The Herb Stop has continued to educate herself with reading and through information from her customers.

For those interested in learning about herbal medicine, Bowes strongly recommends Haidu's classes.

"They are some of the best I've found," she said. "For the money, the information has both depth and quality."

These classes, taught by Haidu, are the same offered when she owned and operated the store.

There are also accessories to make best use of the herbal medicines and teas, plus containers and books.

Special orders also are available.

An addition Bowes plans to make soon is a line of alternative music.

"People are always asking what we're playing and where they can get it, so I decided just to start carrying it," she said.

The Herb Stop is open around 10 a.m. and closes around 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

"We say ‘ish' because if I have to go to the bank or take the kids somewhere, I don't want customers to be upset," Bowes said.

For more information about the store and upcoming classes, call (928) 468-0900.

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