Door Stop Noise Is Continuous, Loud And Annoying



It matters not how much "revenue is brought to the city coffers."No one wants to close down the Door Stop.Neighboring communities are merely asking that the Door Stop abide by the common sense dictate not to disturb the peace of an established neighborhood. anguage similar to that is contained in the Payson noise standards, an ordinance that the City will not even enforce.

Airplane noise is episodic.The noise from the Door Stop is continuous, loud, and annoying. oor Stop noise is preventable by sound engineering.Let's require Mr. Hill to be a gentleman and modify his business to comply with reasonable noise standards. e should seek to be a jewel in the Payson business community, not a thorn in its side.I suspect if he lived near his own plant, he'd be the first to be offended.

Russ and Cynthia Hustead, Mazatzal Air Park

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