Reese Endorsement Out Of Line



Before the runoff for mayor began, Jim Chase and Barbara Brewer agreed to run a clean campaign, and leave the mud in the closet. So far, they have both adhered to that wise decision.

Evidently, Councilor Dick Reese did not agree with their clean campaign agreement. His letter in the Roundup on Tuesday, April 20, was a series of innuendos and misguided statements that were meant to insinuate that Barbara Brewer was not a leader, does not encourage team work and is negative, likes to gossip, can't be trusted, and does not have a sense of humor, does not obtain results, is a bureaucrat, does not have trust of the Tonto Apache Tribe, would serve only special interests, etc., etc., etc.

I do not know Jim Chase; however, I understand he is a gentleman and fine individual. I am sure he will be embarrassed at Dick Reese's effort to endorse him, in a left-handed, negative way.

If I was Dick Reese, I would not mention the word "gossip," as it was he who misrepresented the facts to Mayor Ken Murphy, just before Ken Murphy verbally attacked Barbara Brewer and Judy Buettner by phone.

Barbara Brewer is the most experienced candidate for the office of mayor. With eight years on the current town council, the last two as vice-mayor, she has worked diligently to contact many county, state and federal agencies to obtain benefits for the people of Payson. She has the experience, and current knowledge to help Payson grow in a reasonable and controlled manner. She will not be spending her time learning the office of mayor, she will hit the ground running and be an immediate mayor.

As for Councilor Dick Reese, there will be an election in two years where the voters of Payson will give their opinion of you, like we did in the last election to Mayor Ken Murphy.

Gordon Metcalf, Payson

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