Flag Damage Was Due To High Winds



Concerning your recent story about the damaged flag that was stolen from Powell House, I would like to offer a few additional pieces of information that were not included in the original article:

1. The damage to the flag was the result of the recent high winds that occurred here in Payson last week and not as a result of neglect on the part of anyone connected with Powell House.

2. Even though it had not yet been brought to the attention of management, there were several people who work inside Powell House that were aware of the flag's condition and I personally had taken steps to have a new flag installed.

While I respect Mr. Cundieff's patriotic views, I feel that his actions were misguided and unnecessary. Had he taken the time to calmly address this issue and not have made a rambling, curse-laden phone call after dark, then this story would have been moot.

I have operated the beauty shop inside Powell House since it opened more than five years ago and know the staff to be caring and compassionate. To portray them as anything else would do a disservice to the faculty and our residents.

Thank you,

Lori Gardner, Payson

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