Hotshot's Wife Quilts For Dogs



Everything truly is relative.

Rim country resident Chenoa Adams and husband, Dan chose Gisela over Payson when they moved here two years ago because -- get this -- Payson is too big.


Chenoa Adams

"The one thing I don't like about Payson is that it doesn't have that small town charm, at least to me," she said.

Maybe that's because she and husband Dan moved here from Elk Creek -- population 200 -- in northern California about 90 minutes from Chico. If you consider the pace of life leisurely here in Payson, you obviously haven't been to Elk Creek.

"Everybody in Payson is rush, rush, rushing all over, and I don't like that," she said.

And what does she like about Payson. How about the shopping.

"It's just overwhelming," she said. "There's every store you could imagine."

Like so many people who find big city life too hectic, the Adams family bought a place in the "suburbs."

"Gisela is nicer because it's smaller and quieter," she said. "We have a little house on two acres of grass, where the kids can run around."

It's also easier to put up with the big city when you moved to the Rim country so your husband could accept his dream job -- as captain of the Payson Hotshots. But when you're married to a Hotshot, you're a single mom for long periods of time.

"He's gone all summer, and then he works normal hours during the winter, with the exception that he's gone a few weeks here and there for training," she said.

It's not surprising that one of Adams' favorite things to do is just hang out with her husband whenever she can.

"I just like spending time with my husband when he's at home, just sitting outside on the grass and talking," she said. "Any kind of time we can spend together is great because we're apart so much."

She also likes to hike.

"I put the kids in backpacks and strollers," she said. "Because they're so young, I don't do much without them right now."

And then Adams has her dogs -- mutts named Pooh Bear and Ranger.

"We get all our dogs from shelters," she said. "We've adopted two from the Payson Humane Society."

Before her children tied her down, Adams volunteered at a veterinary hospital.

"I'd do the dirty work -- clean and feed," she said.

While she plans to volunteer at the Payson shelter once her two youngest children reach school age, she's found a unique way to help out while she's at home being a mom.

"I wanted to do something to help the shelter out, but with three kids I can't," she said. "So I started making quilts and a portion of the proceeds from them goes to the shelter."

Adams' mother never sewed, so she taught herself with a little inspiration from her grandmother.

"I try and sew baby clothes, but they don't turn out very good," she said. "But I love doing quilts, blankets and comforters."

Adams' first venture into selling her quilts, which go for about $100, was the recent Raising the Hands Food Bank rummage sale at the Tonto Apache Activity Center.

"I did better than I thought I would," she said. "I just wanted to get a reaction from people, and I ended up selling three quilts."

Adams plans to continue selling her quilts at swap meets, and they will soon be available at Ellen's Country Boutique, which is opening soon in Star Valley. Proceeds from those quilts will also go to the shelter.

Ask her why it's important to volunteer, and she comes back to her love of animals.

"Because there is such a need," she said. "People forget about the animals, and there are so many animals that need homes. Every time I go to the shelter I wish I could take five home."

Adams affection for dogs runs especially deep.

"I trust dogs more than I trust people," she said. "I'll sit my baby down with a strange dog before I will a strange person -- in a heartbeat."


Name: Chenoa Adams

Occupation: Mommy

Employer: My kids.

Age: 30

Birthplace: Southern California

Family: Husband Dan, son Shane, daughters Cheyenne and Dani.

Personal Motto: If your family is happy and most of the bills are paid, life is great. And always be thankful for what you have because most people aren't as fortunate as you.

Inspiration: My husband is my inspiration and my hero, and of course my children.

Greatest feat: Motherhood

Favorite or leisure activity: Just spending time with my husband when I can.

Three words that describe me best: Caring, strong, creative.

I don't want to brag but ... my quilts are the most comfortable quilts in the world.

Person in history I'd most like to meet: Nobody famous. I'd love to meet an ancestor of mine. I have Native American on both sides.

Luxury defined: All the bills are paid.

Dream vacation: On the beach in the Caribbean. We're planning it two years ahead of time.

Why Payson? Because my husband got his dream job here, and we love it. And also, his family lives down in Mesa, so we're close to them.

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