Maybe It's Time To Change The Party System



For several decades now, I have watched the evolution of the American political parties, and maybe a change is needed. Since the advent of the Great Society, the Democratic Party has become more socialist, and the Republican Party has become conservative.

As a result, millions of Truman/JFK Democrats (of which I was one) have switched to the Republican Party and rediscovered the importance of individual responsibility and the love for the defense of our country and our way of life. We didn't actually leave the Democratic Party -- the Democratic Party left us.

Political philosophy has now crossed party lines. A conservative Republican today actually has more in common with a conservative Democrat than he has with a liberal Republican, and the difference between a conservative Democrat and a liberal Democrat is staggering.

A possible solution could be to do away with the Republican Party and the Democratic Party as we know them now and form two new parties, the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party, as Great Britain presently has. Then you would know exactly what a person stood for and whether or not he was a contributor or receiver of the largesse of our society.

But then, perhaps a better name for the two new parties should be the "Givers" and "Takers."

Don Castleman, Payson

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