Part-Time Residents Have Right To Voice Opinion



Follow-up to "Planes drowned out Door Stop noise."

Thank God for freedom of the press and free speech.

You can imagine my dismay when my wife and I received a disgruntled phone call complaining about my letter to the editor.

Apparently, the husband and wife who called us wanted to make it known that because they owned a $500,000 home, and we weren't permanent residents of Payson, we had no right to voice our opinion.

Never mind the fact that:

1) We have contributed to the Payson High School "Bleacher Fund."

2) We are members and supporters of the Payson Area Habitat for Humanity.

3) We are members and supporters of the Payson Paws in the Park.

4) We spend our money and pay tax dollars to Payson.

With all due respect, we would appreciate that the incognito husband and wife put us on their "Do Not Call" list. And, I repeat again, we need 10 more "Door Stops" and all will be well.

John G. Wakelin, Payson

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