What Will You Do?



A few moments ago, I heard about former Arizona Cardinal, Pat Tillman, losing his life in Afghanistan.

I remember when he made the announcement after 9-11. He was leaving his $3.6 million a year contract in order to fight for our country. At the time, I kept thinking of the sacrifice that it took to give up that amount of money.

Truthfully, I had trouble comprehending what kind of person could have such a huge, unselfish heart.

Today, it hits me just how irrelevant that financial sacrifice was. He and his family gave the greatest sacrifice of all.

What now? Some of us need to figure out what we can do. This is a real war. Real people are dying for us. What is our part in this? We should not just sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits people like Pat Tillman are providing us.

My family and I will be praying every day. We will remember our troops every day. We will remember to be grateful every day that God granted us the privilege of living in this free country.

It may not seem like much, compared to Pat Tillman's contribution, and the many soldiers like him, but it's what I can think of now. What will you do?

Linda Moon Schreur, Payson

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