1973 El Camino Ss 454


I bought it new in 1973. There were a number choices and I really agonized over the decision. It was my first new car. At the time gasoline was .55 and the speed limit on the freeway was 75. I remember the Chevrolet salesman telling me that I should be concerned about the gas mileage and how I scoffed at him. Thinking he didn't want to sell me the only SS 454 on the lot.

Everything mechanical has been kept original. After a couple of times repeating the electric blue I changed it to red. The interior has been redone using nos seat covers and headliner. The dash needed replaced, but all I could find is a dash cap. When the odometer turned back to zero, it was almost good as new. That has been a few years now, however, It usually sits in my garage. It gets washed, and shined for shows and cruises and has about 10,000 miles on the odometer since restoration.

One of my first memories was within a week of buying it (July 1973). I was getting ready to mow the lawn, and I didn't want to get any cut grass on it so I moved it out to the street. While I was mowing the lawn, my neighbor backed out of their driveway and crunched the front fender while I watched. I look back and smile at how mad I was. Since July 1973, it has been ran into about a half a dozen times usually without me watching, thank goodness.

The only time it has been in a moving collision is when a small pickup pulled in front of me and I had no choice other than "T-boning him." I really appreciate the shock absorbing front bumper as it totaled the small pickup and all I replaced was my license plate.

Even though gas mileage varies between 10 and 15 mpg, it has never run out, and never broken down. Not bad for a 31 year old car if I can say so myself.

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