Classics Are Forever!


George Bennett is the proud owner of the '57 Pontiac 2 door Station Wagon you see pictured here. Cars have been in George's blood since he was a kid and his stepfather owned a junk yard. He often thinks about all the cars he and his Dad crushed back in the 50s and what great street rods they would have made today.

George decided back in 1991 that he wanted to build something different to take to the car shows. So he purchased this '57 wagon that he thinks only 860 were built and figured he would be one of the first to have a wagon on the show circuit. Unfortunately, he got sidetracked and built a '48 Chevy Pickup instead. So by the time he got back to the wagon, there were quite a few of them around and his wagon would become just one of many amongst the long roofs.

But the day finally came when George could spend some real time on building the '57, so he got to work and in a year and half his baby was ready to roll down the street. George did all the work himself except for the interior. He put in a crate 350 motor, backed it with a 400 turbo tranny with a 308 Camaro rear end and put a 74 GTO front suspension under it. Since George believes in driving his toys, he added power bucket seats, power steering and air conditioning for comfort. He then painted it Cherry Red Metallic with Ultra Silver as the secondary color. So if you see George cruisin' around Payson in his wagon or purple truck don't hesitate to wave.

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