Rccac's Car-B-Que


Members of the Rim Country Classic Auto Club built the Car-B-Que over a period of about three months. They started with a burnt up propane tank, acquired from the dump, and went to work. The first thing that had to be done was to cut the tank. According to RCCAC President Larry Bertram, who had the original nightmare of building this contraption, "it was scary as heck when we took a skill saw with a metal cutting blade and started whacking away on the propane tank ... we didn't know what to expect ... whether it was going to go BANG or what. Once we started cutting and found out everything was OK, the guys started coming from behind their shelter and helping out."

The Car-B-Que sports both Ford and Chevy cooking ends (with colors to match), six selectable/adjustable burners, a 6 cylinder distributor to light the burners, 12v battery, dual propane tanks, 750 Holly double pumper, radio and speakers, fire-up control panel, Chevy headers w/balogna tubes, Ford axle, huge ice chest, tool box, early Chevy stepside pickup tail lights, black wall tires plus many other non-available factory options.

The "Club Mascot" happily trails along at many car club events. Car-B-Que proudly puffs out smoke from its headers at local parades and at club barbecues while cooking luscious steaks and hamburgers.

Car-B-Que is resting up for the 2004 Car Show where he will get quite a workout at Friday Night's Burger Burn, Saturday's Steak Fry and Sunday's Breakfast.

Car-B-Que is not worried about any breakdowns though -- he knows that there are plenty of mechanics available to keep his headers smokin'.

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