Americans Should Show More Respect For The Flag



Hoorah for Thomas Cundieff for taking the flag down at Powell House. There are many more tattered flags in Payson that should come down. Just look around.

It's my feeling thateople who leave a flag hanging 24 hours a day should at least look at it once in a while to see what condition it is in. Perhaps if they put it up and took it down every day they would notice the condition it's in. Flags are not anxpensive item to purchase.

It's hard to believe people don't show more respect for our flag, especially during these times of national security. Our Flags a symbol ofreedom and security to the world and we should all show respect for it.

Ihank the Roundup for publishing flag etiquette, but I wonder what it will take to make people read it and take heed. It seems some people think that just because they leave a light on outside that it shines enough light toonor the flag, wrong! It doesn't even light the flag in some cases.

Carole D. Donnay, Payson

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