Local Children Enjoy Ride On Fire Truck



Chief Ray Larsen of Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department made some children very happy this last weekend. He promised them a ride in the fire truck and Sunday afternoon, he kept his promise.

Austin Malmin and Leo Zanotto went to church Sunday and when Pastor Ed Hepworth ask for any prayer requests, little Austin got up and told everyone he was going to get a ride on the fire truck. Leo also stood up and said he was going too.


Making good on his word, Fire Chief Ray Larson of the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department gave Austin Malmin and Leo Zonotto a ride on his fire truck last week.

Fire season is upon us. It is generally considered to be from May to July when the rains come. That is, we hope they come, but because we had a below-average moisture this winter, we need to be extra careful.

I am glad to see many residents cleaning up. Olive Matus' trailer park is doing a terrific job. I have noticed over the past few weeks that they have raked and burned a lot of debris.

Many others need to get on the ball and clean out their gutters from all the pine needles collected over the winter and rake up their yards.

Don't forget the free pit for dumping debris is usually open on Saturdays, and this can save you money.

There is still plenty of room left if you want to get in on the Rusty Cooper Memorial Golf Tournament. It is Saturday, May 15 at Pine Meadows Golf Course in Overgaard. Call Karen Thorton at (928) 478-4133, or Patty Boesling at (928) 535-5148. This is a fun event with lots of great prizes.

Do you have crafts to sell? There are still spaces available for the Antique Car Show in Christopher Creek Saturday, May 15 and Sunday, May 16. If interested, call Debbie Aschbrenner at (928) 478-4550 or Susan Keown at (928) 478-4221.

Monday night's Firebelle's meeting had a great turnout of about 40 people. They elected new officers: President Sandy

Kalmar, Vice-President Penny Wells, Secretary Jackie Ezzell and Treasurer Diane Lloyd. Their first function will be a bake sale at 10 a.m., Saturday, May 29 at the fire station. If you would like to bake something for the sale, call Sandy at (928) 478-4774 or Penny Wells at (928) 478-4404.

May birthdays

Happy birthday to the following Christopher Creek residents:

Marlys Szezepanski, Kendra Lewinson (May 4); Jim Oliver, Pat Guevarra (May 5); Bob Garner, Pat McCullum (May 8);

Nancy Ashby (May 10); Larry Peterson (May 11); Art Gardner, Cindy Sabo (May 12); Jackie Ezzell, Janet Hall (May 14); Pam Milhon (May 15); Rhea Hoedl, Dave Carrothers (May 18); Shelly Hansen, Susan Ronn, Victoria Turco (May 19); John Matus (May 22); Olive Matus (May 23); and Frank Marazza and Jerry Fisher (May 30).

Happy belated birthday to Cindy Fitch who turned 50 April 14.

Winners of Tuesday Nights Ladies Nine-Ball are Phyliss Mullen (first place), Patty Boesling (second place) and Candy Hart (third place).

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