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Re: Roundup Internet edition

I love reading the Roundup via the Internet!I lived there for five years, graduated in 2001, but now live in Mesa.I look forward to Tuesdays and Fridays because of the new editions.Thank you for being informative and fun.I get homesick every time I click on

Re: Powell House flag

I have lived in Payson for many years and am a volunteer in many areas in Payson, I am an active Rotarian and know many veterans that live at the Powell House.They have had many "patriotic" events at Powell House to recognize veterans of more than one war.

Never have I seen a flag flying over Powell House that was torn and tattered to the degree that is shown on the front page! I am appalled that you would run such a story! This is degrading to the veterans that live at Powell House and call it their home. You are representing our community and I would think that you would not even consider running a story such as this especially when someone stole (and admitted to doing so) the flag.

I was at Manzanita Manor on Sunday and saw the flag at Powell House on my way home, the flag was torn, they were in the process of replacing the flag, but had not done so yet, however, it was not torn to the degree that "Buddy" displays.

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