Whiting Brothers Gasoline Business Comes Full Circle


Whiting Brothers Gasoline has returned. After more than 50 years in the gasoline business, the company, which is now Kaibab Industries, moved out of the industry in 1998 -- except for a single service station at the corner of Main Street and Highway 87 in Payson.

This year, that station fell under the force of heavy equipment. But that was not the end of the well known, longtime Arizona name.


Whiting Brothers is back in the gasoline business with a new station at Beeline and Aero Dr.

Whiting Brothers has now become Whiting and the familiar red and yellow colors of the past are standing in place of the red and black of Texaco at the corner of West Aero Drive and Highway 87.

The Whiting Brothers name became well known in the 1930s, beginning in Northern Arizona.

Four brothers, Eddie, Earnest, Ralph and Arthur, lived in St. John's and Holbrook. They began automobile businesses in both communities.

With the advent of cross country travel, the family entered into the independent gasoline business. The Whitings chose red and yellow to be the signature colors of the stations. This business grew quite rapidly, with stations serving the public from New Mexico to western Arizona.

When the interstates were built and small towns by-passed, many of the Whiting Brothers stations were phased out. In the 1980s, the company started building large, self-serve, high volume stations with convenience markets. These were sold, mostly to Giant Industries in 1998.

The Whitings went back into the gasoline business recently with the purchase of the south-end Texaco station in Payson, which is now a Whiting station.

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