Why Can't Council Help Animal Shelter?



I think it's time to build a soundproof wall to block out the whining of theazatzal Airark residents. The constant moaning is grating on my nerves.

It's even more annoying than the young man that rides his honda 450 with a busted muffler past my house at 5:30 every morning. It's comparable to the some 300 dogs that are barking in my neighborhood at any given time. I've never thought to seek action against the guy on the bike or the dog owners, and they're only the beginning of a long list of sound pollutants that surround not only my house but almost everywhere I go.
Nowhey have hired a lawyer to block the humane society from building a soundproof, fully enclosed shelter on a nearby lot because it will decrease their property value? Talk about being sympathetic.

The town councilas buried their heads in the sand and left the humane society to battle this out on their own, whichs like cutting off our nose to spite our face. We are going to run off the shelter and as a result will end up with a 72-hour deathentence for our animals. I can't believe it's even coming to this.

This is a town that can build a beautiful new library, thatan transform the decaying Main Street, we have to help our animal shelter because they are a valuable asset tour community.

Stephanie Landers, Payson

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