Stories for August 2004


Tuesday, August 31

Food for your farewell to summer feast


Labor Day weekend is usually the last hurrah for summer fun and food, so, to help plan a perfect farewell picnic, here are some recipes to try:

Make time for Tonto Community Concerts this year


It's September and the 2004-2005 Tonto Community Concert Season will soon be under way.

Apples and mountain cowboys


Fall and the sometimes extended Indian summers of the Rim country have long been my favorite time of year. This is the time when the wood vine and maple leaves turned red in the high-up canyons under the Rim (before the Dude Fire) and the aspen leaves twinkle yellow in the sun on top of the Mountain (Mogollon Rim).

Spiders belong in your house


A recent Payson Roundup front page featured a picture of a giant tarantula striding across the Rim country.

Monday, August 30

A vote for Martin is a vote for the future

The future of Gila County is in the hands of the voters. That is why I am supporting Tommie Cline Martin.

My experience with Grant Kuenzli

many dogs.

What's up?

Q: Why are streets that are in good condition, like Pioneer Trail, being repaved, while McLane, which is in desperate need of work, neglected? How are these decisions made and who makes them?

Horns sputter, stumble in season opener

A win is a win. Longhorn football coach Jerry Rhoades is reminding himself of that after the 26-6 season-opening win over the Cortez Colts.

Framer looks at art from different angle


Terry Winans has been painting since he was 14, joining his father shortly after his family moved from Minnesota to Mesa.

Martin most qualified candidate

I'm supporting Tommie Martin for Gila County District One Supervisor.

Trout stockings to begin at Green Valley lakes

A favorite getaway for Tucson Amphitheater basketball coach Pat Derksen is a visit to Payson and an angling outingith his two children to Green Valley Park.

You'll appreciate Haapala's sincerity

Look Back. Whether you did or did not reside here in the late '80s or the early '90s, the Dude fire still roared. It was the devoted and consistent newscasting of Dan Haapala which kept everyone informed

MSA teams with P&R for new Rumsey bleachers

High school and youth soccer fans and parents will have a place to sit on the sidelines of the Rumsey south multipurpose field this year.

Recreation leaders puzzled by player apathy

Weekend warriors should be breaking down the doors of the parks and recreation office wanting to participate in a trio of upcoming events. The only trouble is, they aren't.

Vote for Haapala, vote for change

I have had the pleasure to hear Dan Haapala address a group about the varied issues we face in Gila County, and especially in northern Gila County. I listened as he answered a myriad of questions, and he responded with an in-depth knowledge of the issues and solutions that he will institute.

Volleyball moves to best-of-3 format

The Arizona Interscholastic Association Legislative Council and school athletic directors have voted overwhelmingly to return high school volleyball to the old best-of-three match formats.

No separation of church and state

Church and state should not be separate.

Drink responsibly

Picnics, barbecues, and end-of-summer parties are a Labor Day holiday tradition here in Arizona. We at Golden Eagle Distributors, Inc. want to remind everyone to practice personal responsibility this holiday weekend to keep the celebrations safe.

Too many planners spoil the plan

For a small town, we sure have a lot of strategic plans. Besides the town of Payson's corporate strategic plan, the Payson Regional Economic Development Corporation has a plan, as do the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Main Street program.

Floyd E. Wilson

Floyd E. Wilson, 85, of Christopher Creek, died Aug. 27, 2004.

Haapala has leadership, understanding

Gila County needs a fresh new outlook, not just a replacement for Supervisor District One.

Martin L. (M.L.) Kumpe Sr.

Martin L. (M.L.) Kumpe Sr., 80, died Aug. 24, 2004.

Now, about those cats


More households have cats than dogs and most have multiple cats. Cats and dogs are the most common of household pets and yet they are so very different. Cats are carnivores, dogs are omnivores. Cats primarily need meat in their diet. Dogs do well on a diet of meat and grains.

Larry M. Hamman

Larry M. Hamman, 87, died Aug. 27, 2004, in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Zane Grey cabin groundbreaking attracts big crowd

More than 200 Rim country residents and Zane Grey fans turned out on a sunny Saturday morning to witness the first step in the rebuilding of the famous western novelist's cabin at Green Valley Park.

Two injured in plane crash near Payson

A small airplane crashed in a remote area 13 miles west of Payson Saturday afternoon. The pilot and passenger survived and did not suffer any life-threatening injuries, according to the Gila County Sheriff's Office.

County realigns budget for state auditor

The half-cent sales tax you pay to Gila County will be used as it was intended in the future. The tax was approved for road improvements in 1994, but some of it may have been used for other purposes in the past.

Fireworks to cap holiday parade

The fourth annual Main Street/APS Electric Light Parade will end in spectacular fashion this year, with the fireworks show that was canceled due to the Willow Fire. At the time that the traditional July 4 fireworks display was canceled, Payson Mayor Barbara Brewer said she hoped to move it to Labor Day weekend. That isn't going to happen.

Candidates make bid for Payson constable

Two Republicans and one Democrat are vying for the position of Payson constable.

Collision uncovers 66 grams of meth

A non-injury car accident led to the discovery of 66 grams of methamphetamine and the arrest of a 37-year-old Mesa man, a drug task force detective said.

Former Payson woman struck by lightning

Monica Kyle Phillipy, formerly of Payson, is recovering from injuries she suffered earlier this month after being struck by lightning at a soccer game in Washington state.

Tommie Cline Martin: Hopeful has deep roots in Rim country

Tommie Cline Martin knows what separates her from the other two candidates in the race for Gila County District One Supervisor.

Justice gets a new set of wheels

Pine kindergartner Justice McNeeley knew at the first sight of his Go-Bot, the state-of-the art wheelchair was going to give him newfound mobility. "You people better watch out, here I come," the 5-year-old shouted to the crowd that surrounded him Saturday evening in front of Sidewinders Saloon.

Landscape fabric can reduce need for chemicals

This letter is in response to Lawrence D. Okendo's letter to the editor of Aug. 24 concerning the extensive use of chemical weed-killers and insecticides.

Dan Haapala: Candidate wants a ‘user friendly' government

Gila County District One County Supervisor candidate Dan Haapala claims there are four reasons he'll make a strong public servant.

Schools dump Stanford 9 testing

Payson School District students in grades two through nine are no longer required to take the dreaded Stanford 9 test.

Generation Rap: Young and old asked to contribute in time of crisis


What can you do to help the community in a time of crisis? To help answer that question, Gila Community College, the Payson Police Department and the Gila County Sheriff's Office are hosting an Intergenerational Dialogue next week.

Peace, Pyle new town historians

Jayne Peace and Jinx Pyle were named the official historians for the town of Payson at the July 22 town council meeting.

Gene Mawby: Office-seeker says youth important resource

If elected, Gila County District One Supervisor candidate Gene Mawby says he will make good on four pledges he has made to voters.

Friday, August 27

Prescribed burn will cause smoky weekend

Rim country residents can expect to see large amounts of smoke to the south through the weekend due to a prescribed burn near Mt. Ord.

Thursday, August 26

LeRoy Dee Horton

LeRoy Dee Horton, 73, of Pine, died Aug. 22, 2004.

An unarmed man was killed

In response to Mr. Otis Trimble's comments about the "lynch mob" that is after Harold Fish:

What's up?

Q: With this rodeo and others, there is a truck that travels around town towing a jail-like trailer with people inside -- isn't that against the law?

A different slant on war

During a recent visit to San Diego, I had the opportunity to read a copy of the MP Military Press Newspaper , Volume 27, Issue 10, Aug. 15, 2004. One brief article in particular caught my attention, and I would like to share it with the Payson Roundup readers.

Story and Video: Rodeo bull expected to recover from broken leg

The sight of a young bull stumbling and breaking a leg sent shrieks and gasps through the crowd of onlookers at the Aug. 21 performance of the 120th Annual World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo. As bad as the freak accident first appeared, the bull is now on the mend in a pen in Alamosa, Colo.

Town urges rainwater harvesting

Payson's water quality specialist says the average Rim country resident can double the amount of rainwater that percolates into the ground through rainwater harvesting -- and she's helping develop a program that encourages residents to do just that.

Photo Gallery: 2004 August rodeo and parade

The Payson Roundup presents a collection of photographs and memories from the 2004 August rodeo and parade in Payson, Arizona.

Video: Six bull rides in Payson

Watch six of the bull rides from the Saturday afternoon performance of the World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo in Payson, Arizona. Can you spot the hometown cowboy?

Company proposes hotel, conference center, covered arena

A $21 million proposal to develop the Payson Event Center could bring the town a new amphitheatre, conference center, hotel and a cover for the current rodeo facility.

Challenger thinks forest policies are wrong

Bob Donahue of Cornville in the Verde Valley, is one of two Democrats vying to challenge District 1 Congressman Rick Renzi. Paul Babbitt of Flagstaff is the other Democrat courting the voters for a shot at Washington, D.C.

County superintendent knows value of education

Armida Bittner has served as Gila County's Superintendent of Schools since 1988. She was first appointed to the post in March 1988, then elected to it in November. She would like to keep the job.

Political flip-flops

Here is a ‘Top 10' list of political flip-flopping --With all of the rhetoric flying about, it's amazing that the press hasn't kept track of the flip-flops on issues that George W Bush has made since he was became president.

Haapala up-to-date on what matters

First, I must say what an extreme pleasure it is to write this letter in support of Dan Haapala.

Consider the effect of ad content

Subject: Your ad "Testicle Festival" from the casino.

The story behind the crosses

This is an open letter to the community: The white crosses on "Memorial Hill" (facing Beeline Highway) have raised community interest and inquiry. Here is some requested information:

CERT programs save lives

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program, which trains volunteers in disaster preparedness and response, is a gift to our community.

Tonto Apaches team up on movie

Former "NYPD Blue" star Rick Schroder and the Tonto Apache Tribe are teaming up to bring the movie "Black Cloud" to audiences around the nation.

Carrie E. Cook

Carrie E. Cook, 91, of Payson, died Aug. 23, 2004.

Water woes create a dilemma for council


Members of the Payson Town Council are faced with a big dilemma that's not of their making. How do you balance a shrinking, known available groundwater supply during a long-term period of drought against the economic realities of a growth economy with a very strong and active home-building element? The question is complex and so is the answer. To really understand the issues we need to take a closer look.

Top rodeo parade entries honored

Everyone participating in the parade for the 120th Annual World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo deserves the community's thanks for making the festivities all the more fun.

Aspiring county superintendent says it's time for change

A former educator and school administrator, Linda O'Dell is seeking the office of Gila County School Superintendent.

Libertarian will push for less government

John Crockett grew up spending half of his time in Flagstaff, and says that he is "very aware" of District 1 issues.

Piano teacher promises gentle approach

Kimberly Rocca has room for a dozen students at Kimberly's Studio. The piano teacher is now accepting clients who are either new to the instrument or have intermediate-level skills.

Coach must reload varsity arsenal

With only one returning letter-winner on the roster, Payson High School golf coach Bret Morse faces the challenge of building on the team's winning tradition with mostly untested players.

Net squad begins with controlled scrimmage

The 2004 volleyball season begins at 6:30 p.m., Aug. 27, in Wilson Dome where the Lady Longhorns take on the Blue Ridge Yellow Jackets in a controlled scrimmage.

Cly sinks ace, misses out on prize money

Had Kato Cly sunk his ace 12 holes earlier in the 8th Annual Pioneer Title Golf Tournament, he'd now be $25,000 richer.

AGF seeks public comment on hunting plan

The final of seven Arizona Game and Fish public meetings to study ways to protect resident hunting opportunities is Aug. 27 in Kingman. The meetings began Aug. 18 in Pinetop.

Pirch, Goodman sixth at championship

After winning three of six AllStar Bass Summer Nights qualifying tournaments and finishing third in another, the Rim country team of Clifford Pirch and Ty Goodman tied for sixth in the championship finale Aug. 21-22 at Apache Lake.

Small, safe environment brought cleaners to Payson

Tiger Cleaning Service opened in the Rim country in June, right in the middle of the Willow Fire.

Site feedback

Re: Handicapped parking -- In response to "Senior parking signs at Wal-Mart," I am a senior citizen who uses the handicapped parking wherever available ...

Law should have been followed

Why is it so difficult for the dog lovers of Payson to accept the fact that if Grant Kuenzli had not broken the law in the first place his dogs would have been leashed.

Multi-event benefit for Justice Saturday

The Justice McNeeley benefit on tap for Saturday at Sidewinders Saloon in Pine promises to be a day of fun and enjoyment for all.

Thank our firefighters and support fund-raisers


This season has gone by too fast but thankfully, because of the rainy season, the danger of forest fires has diminished for the time being.

Last movie event of the summer tonight


Labor Day weekend is just ahead. In years past, this meant the end of the summer holidays and the beginning of the school year. It does generally mark the transition to fall and cooler weather, but no longer starts the school year, at least locally.

Firebelles have a sellout


The Firebelles raised more than $275 for the emergency medical service fund at last week's bake sale. They had a sellout.

Contestant says he knows small-town Arizona

Paul Babbitt came to Flagstaff when he was 3 years old. Now he wants to be one of Arizona's congressman.

Incumbent believes much more needs to be done

Republican Rick Renzi is asking voters in the Arizona 1st District to return him to Congress.

Volunteers needed to aid in disasters

Roger Kreimeyer looks at the recent hurricane devastation in Florida and thinks of Payson. Disaster can strike anywhere.

Tuesday, August 24

Early memories of the World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo


The August Doin's are over for this year, but planning for next year has already started. That's how it's been for the past 120 years.

Creative ways to generate revenue


With a subdivision moratorium looming just over the horizon, the town of Payson will soon have to find a new way or two to raise more revenue.

Recipes that are just right for tailgating


Planning and preparing things in advance can lighten the load and make tailgating at the home game fun and relaxing.

Tailgating time


When the twilight air is very still you can sometimes hear it: the crack of colliding shoulder pads as the young warriors of the purple and gold crash into one another preparing for battle. It's football season, so that means it's tailgating time.

Monday, August 23

Chemical-toting gardeners should be licensed

Re: The unlawful use of so-called weed-killers and insecticides. The continued use of these poisons are creating a hazard for children and wildlife, especially the birds and small rodents like chipmunks, squirrels, and others.

What's up?

Q: What's happening with the proposal to bring water from the Blue Ridge Reservoir to Payson? What is the plan for delivery? Pump it down the East Verde and pipe it out close to town or build a whole new pipeline from the reservoir?

Cecelia Shimer

Cecelia Shimer, 85, of Payson, died Aug. 19, 2004.

William Steward Sr.

William Steward Sr., 76, of Ravena, N.Y., died Aug. 19, 2004.

Dorthella R. Toot

Dorthella Randall Toot, 92, died Aug. 18, 2004 in Payson.

Coach reloading cross country team

The monumental task facing cross country coach Chuck Hardt is finding replacements for "The Four Amigos" who graduated with the class of 2004.

Students invited to tour Ireland in June

Students interested in participating in a nine-day tour of Ireland in June are invited to attend a meeting at 7 p.m. tomorrow (Wednesday) in the community room at Gila Community College.

Feature Teacher

Name: Bruce Haught

Big hearts: Everybody wins with role model program


You don't have to be around them very long to see that big brother David and little brother Daniel enjoy one another's company.

Library job is dream come true


When Kathy Morgan joined the staff of the Payson Public Library on July 1 she fulfilled a dream she has had since she was in high school.

A new pet needs commitment


Nicky is one lucky little girl. She was picked up as a stray and brought to the Payson Humane Society at the tender age of four months. An eye wound required surgery and she needed to be spayed, so she was not available for adoption for several weeks.

Yu-Gi-Oh card craze

Karessa Armstrong competes in a Yu-Gi-Oh card tournament at Green Valley Park.

Life taken away for no reason

Please, a comment about Roundup's Aug. 17 mail call. Letter writer Otis M. Trimble and I are almost always in agreement. Not this time, Otis.

Fish must be held accountable for his actions

Re: Otis Trimble's letter to the editor concerning Grant Kuenzli's tragic death.

Newcomers have rights too

In response to, Mr. Otis M. Trimble's letter of Aug. 17. -- Yes, Mr. Trimble, I am a "newcomer"; Grant Kuenzli was a newcomer and I suppose at one time you too, were a newcomer. That sir does not take away our rights to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Republicans rally at Rumsey Park

Congressman Rick Renzi joined Republicans at Rumsey Park for a mini-rally after the rodeo parade Saturday.

Record audiences attend August Doin's

Only seconds after calculating the total pay-off late Sunday afternoon of the 120th Annual World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo, arena secretary Karen Kissel knew the event had been a success.

Rezoning approved for Pine RV park

Pine may have a new 60-space RV park within the next couple of years.

Town puts focus on future

The Payson Town Council will provide its input on the proposed final draft of the Focused Future II plan at a special meeting at 5 p.m. Thursday evening.

Drug roundup a good thing but highlights other problems

Following a high-profile and dramatic roundup of some of Payson's suspected drug pushers Thursday morning, some attributed the effort to the upcoming sheriff's election.

Sun Devils wrap up camp

Arizona State University signal caller Andrew Walter has fired up the hopes of Sun Devil fans that he's the player who can lead the team to new PAC-10 heights.

Lady Horns need strong showing from vets

The trio of Alesha Huddlestun, Sarah Agnes and Shanna Coleman are being counted on to lead the Lady Longhorn cross country team into the fall campaign.

16 charged in undercover drug sting

Five people suspected of dealing drugs were arrested Thursday when teams of officers served arrest warrants in an operation dubbed Payson Street Sweeper.

Zane Grey Cabin groundbreaking Saturday

Don't expect your typical gilded-shovel ceremony when the Zane Grey Cabin Foundation breaks ground for a full-scale replica of the cabin where the legendary western novelist wrote many of his stories of the Old West.

Longtime legislator wants to change jobs

If there is a patriarch of rural, small-town Arizona politics, it's Jake Flake, R-Snowflake.

Waring wins first club crown

Golfer John Waring will be clearing a place on his mantel for the trophy he won as the Payson Men's Golf Association Club champion.

Coaches assess players at scrimmage

It wasn't the game-like conditions Longhorn football coaches were hoping for, but the Aug. 20 intrasquad scrimmage at Payson High School gave coaches an opportunity to preview their players.

USA team is hard to watch

The U.S. Olympic basketball team might be young and talented, but it's painfully obvious after two losses in the preliminary round that the players haven't learned the team principles it takes to be successful.

State senate hopeful gets governor's backing

Cameron Udall, a 33-year-old Democrat running for the District 5 State Senate seat, has little trouble identifying the issues that trouble her.

Parents present tree to honor teacher

A red maple tree has been planted at Frontier Elementary School in honor of teacher Cindy Chovich.

Folly to live on the edge

Your editorial was "right on." My wife and I attended the "water" meeting about two weeks or so ago.

Dan is the man for the job

I want to express my support for Dan Haapala for Gila County Supervisor District 1.

Consider Haapala for district supervisor

I would hope that as the voters look at the candidates for Supervisor of District I, that they check closely for the qualities that Dan Haapala would bring to the office.

Thursday, August 19

Haapala is a caring man

I stayed two years at the Rye Trailer Park. I have macular degeneration and can barely see my feet. To eat my evening meal, I had to walk up to the steak house. The entrance was full of broken boards. Invariably, I would trip. I had some bad falls.

Workouts focus on reps, not weight

Prospective boys and girls soccer players are invited to participate in free weight training 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays in the boys weight room in old Payson High School gymnasium. Longhorns boys soccer coach Roger Wholly will supervise the sessions.

August Doin's get under way

Defending PRCA World Bareback Riding Champion Will Lowe will be among the nationally recognized cowboys competing in the 120th annual World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo. Lowe, of Canyon, Texas, wrapped up the 2003 season with a PRCA record $188,247.

Concerns raised over crowded classrooms

Overloaded fourth-grade classrooms at Julia Randall Elementary School have parents, teachers and administrators at Julia Randall Elementary scrambling to find answers.

Cement truck rollover on Highway 87

The driver of a cement truck lost control and overturned seven miles north of Payson on Highway 87 Friday morning. The cement company, not taxpayers, is required to pay for clean up efforts and provide traffic control.

Mobile home washed away by flash flood

A flash flood roared through Jake's Corner about 4 p.m. Wednesday, washing a 24-foot mobile home and four storage sheds down Hardt Creek. Brian Marshall, a Jake's Corner resident, was at home when heavy monsoon rains triggered the flooding.

Spend Labor Day weekend up north


It is impossible to believe that August and summer are about over. But my wood is all stacked and I guess I am ready. There are lots of activities planned for the Labor Day weekend. Stay tuned for more information about them. The shops and restaurants will be open and waiting for your visit.

Mav season begins next week

Rim Country Middle School athletic director Yvette Harpe has released fall schedules for the seventh- and eighth-grade football and softball teams.

Parks and Recreation Roundup

See what's new from Payson Parks and Recreation. Acivities include: Barrel and pole bending, a visit to Kartchner Caverns, Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol,Flag Football,3-on-3 Hoop Tournament, 4-on-4 Co-ed Volleyball Tournament, Home Run Derby and Drop-In Tennis Doubles.

Bowl-a-thon for Big Brothers Big Sisters is big success

Payson Mayor Barbara Brewer was on hand to encourage participants at the third annual Bowl For Kids Sake bowl-a-thon for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Gila County. Meet Cory, Nick and Jessica, three children looking for a Big Brother/Big Sister.

Attorneys argue over relevance of victim's past

As lawyers in the trail-side shooting of a Payson man gear up for trial, the relevance of victim's personal life is coming before the court. Attorneys told the judge Monday what motions they expect to put before the court, including those seeking to include and exclude personal information about the man shot to death by defendant Harold Fish of Glendale.

New Wal-mart manager excited to serve community

Quinn Cremer has been named the new manager of the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Payson. Cremer, who has more than 15 years of experience, began his duties on July 24.

National pet contest comes to town

Rodeos are for cows, horses and an occasional monkey. For other animals, there's Payson's "People & Their Amazing Animals & Talent Show." The competition, sponsored by Purina Mills, takes place from noon to 4 p.m. Saturday at Payson Feed & Pet Supply, 101 W. Aero Dr

Shirley Dawson offers spirit of service, discussion

Shirley Dawson believes her history of service makes her a prime candidate to be one of the next Gila County supervisors.

Columnist has new hiking companion


For years now, I have been writing about how charming the wildlife are in Christopher Creek. We are so fortunate to live in an area that has an abundance of different kinds of wildlife.

Learn to Scuba dive

Discover Scuba is a course offered through Payson Parks and Recreation, is designed to introduce the basics of scuba diving to children and adults. Mike Wicks of Rim Country Divers is a master scuba diver trainer and offers certification instruction and organized dives.

Valley Fire put out at 1.1 acres


If anyone was driving along Highway 260 near milepost 263 last Friday about 2:30 p.m., you were most likely stopped because of a fire along the roadside.

Dorothy Peacock (1921-2004)

Dorothy Peacock, 83, of Payson, died Aug. 15, 2004. She was born March 7, 1921 in Atoka, Okla.

Bastows celebrate 60th anniversary

Paul and Beverly Bastow celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this summer with a tour of Australia and New Zealand. They were married Aug. 20, 1944.

Hansel P. Pyatt (1926-2004)

Hansel Paul Pyatt, 78, of Tonto Basin, died Aug. 17, 2004 in Phoenix. He was born Jan. 22, 1926 in Boss, Mo. and moved to Arizona in 1957.

Florence W. Reim (1910-2004)

Florence W. Reim, 93, of Payson, died July 28, 2004 in Gold Canyon, Ariz. She was born Sept. 14, 1910.

Rim scouts make a patriotic pilgrimage

In the Friday, Aug. 13 Roundup, Payson Boy Scout leader Dan Hill detailed the first four days of an 11-day patriotic pilgrimage back east with eight Eagle Scouts and two Boy Scouts. The following is the rest of the scouts' adventures.

Water wasters should be cited

I would like to speak up in support of Mr. Walker and his attempt to enforce the water conservation rules. I spent several years as the wife of a director of public works in other cities and Mr. Haggit's letter brought back stressful memories, quite clearly.

A great educational environment

How pleasant it has been being at Pine Strawberry School as a visitor, as a volunteer and as a substitute teacher in the Junior High.

Railing available for road

An article in a recent edition of the Roundup said research indicates Payson needs public transportation. May I offer a suggestion:

My mind is made up about Fahrenheit 9/11

I would not pay one penny nor give one minute of my time to see "Fahrenheit 9/11." This film was produced by a talented man who used his considerable skills to produce a propaganda movie slandering America at home and abroad.

A few Moore thoughts

It seems as of late there has been much discussion on the subject of Fahrenheit 9/11 and what to call it -- propaganda or documentary?

Fudge-maker fulfilling life-long dream

John Bittner has raised goats for years, but only last year did he begin to fulfill one of his life-long dreams -- making and selling goat's milk fudge at a commercial level.

Recall allegations are not based in fact

I am a volunteer for the Christopher Kohl's Fire Department and have attended board meeting for many years. I was outraged by an advertisement in the Roundup on Aug. 6 placed by Greg Bownds.

Using the Internet in your business, Pt. 2

Question: How can I use the Internet in my business? Answer: Last time we discussed setting up the website. Here are some guidelines for designing your site.

New road part of casino expansion project

A lot of earth has been moved on the grounds of the Tonto Apache Tribe's reservation near the Mazatzal Casino.

Rim sports feature Devils, Horns

There are a couple of other items on tap this weekend, besides the World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo-n Arizona State University football intrasquad scrimmage and a Payson High School scrimmage.

Campbell tournament Sept. 11

The Tonto Apaches and the Mazatzal Casino will honor one of the tribe's most accomplished members at the Second Annual Melton "Chief" Campbell Memorial Golf Shoot-out.

Insight to recall

I'm writing to the residents of the Christopher Kohl's Fire District so that they may be better informed concerning the proposed recall of our fire board.

Recall ad full of untruth

The ad you accepted on page 11A of Friday's paper is full of untruth and there should be a full retraction of that ad.

Install compliance alarms

As I predicted earlier, the new water rules make for bad neighbor relations. A cardinal rule for peace is that neighbors do not spy on one another except for serious, life-threatening matters, like domestic disturbances or fire in their roofs.

Thoughtfulness for loss appreciated

Our sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who has been so kind and thoughtful since the death of our beloved husband and father, Nick Oliver.

What's Up: School zone flashing lights

Q: Awhile back there was talk about putting flashing lights at the school zones and using them only while school was in session to caution drivers. Will those still be installed and who will be responsible for them?

Write-in brings law enforcement background to bid

As one of many candidates vying for the District 3 seat on the Gila County Board of Supervisors, Bill Fogle stands out

Office-seeker says he will have an open-door policy

Bob Mounce believes that all citizens have a right to present their concerns about county government and offer suggestions. Thus, if he wins his campaign for the District 3 Gila County Board of Supervisors, he will maintain an open-door policy for all citizens.

Former Globe official claims he's best qualified

Terry Wheeler's business experience has taken him around the world and introduced him to many diverse cultures, but he's most comfortable when he's working with rural people, he said.

Crowded field in race for District 3 supervisor

The race for Gila County's District 3 supervisor is wide open. With no incumbent seeking re-election, six contenders are vying for voter favor.

New council has potential to shine

The new Payson Town Council has been seated for over two months now -- long enough to form some preliminary judgments about its effectiveness and direction.

Aspirant to District 3 supervisor seat wants to ‘give back'

Ted Thayer asks himself a daily question: What have you done today to make a difference? Thayer is hoping to answer that question by winning the election for the District 3 Gila County Board of Supervisors.

Wednesday, August 18

World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo begins Thursday, parade Saturday

The 120th Annual World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo comes to the Payson Event Center Thursday, Aug. 19 through Sunday, Aug. 22. Each performance will include a special appearance by the 2003 PRCA Entertainer of the Year, Tommy Lucia, featuring Whiplash, the Cowboy Monkey and In His Glory, the Super Horse.

Saddle up! It's Rodeo Week in Rim country

Stake your claim to 120 years of Western heritage and take part in the festivities of the World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo. The big event is Aug. 20-22, but Rodeo Week in the Rim country starts Saturday, Aug. 14 when the Rodeo Jail Committee and friends start selling rodeo buttons.

Tuesday, August 17

Justin offers top-rate cowboy care

When a lot of cowboys get injured, they try to "Cowboy Up" -- they try to tough it out.

Rodeo royalty comes to Rim country

Two rodeo queens will be in town for the 120th Annual World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo: Miss Rodeo Arizona and the Turquoise Circuit Rodeo Queen.

Beer-swilling Smokey a new breed of horse

There was a time when horses knew their place -- when man's best hooved friend and loyal rodeo partner was more than happy to play the sidekick and straight man.

Where the money comes from

Thanks to five national sponsors and seven local partnerships, the Payson Rodeo is able to produce one of the finest small-town rodeos in America.

Stock contracting is all in the family

When the Honeycutt Rodeo Company arrives in the Rim country to stage the Payson Rodeo --s it's done for more than two decades --ans can be assured the Colorado stock contractor will have in tow some of the finest roughstock in the sport.

Incarceration for a good cause

If you get rounded up by a "purty gal" in flashy fashions, just grin and bear it and haul out your wallet: You're on your way to the Rodeo Jail.

August Doin's fun for the whole family

Strap on your boots. It's rodeo time.

Bullfighters are cowboys' best friends

Ashley McClellan, 23, has been in bullfighting for nine years. He knows what it takes to be a successful bullfighter.

Welcome to the 120th World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo


Rodeo fans, As you may know, Payson is where rodeo began. We have the distinction of hosting the World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo and this year, we will be hosting the 120th rodeo Aug. 20-22 at the Payson Event Center.

Horses, clowns and Shriners make a beeline for rodeo

"How the West was fun" is the theme of this year's August Doin's rodeo parade on Saturday, Aug. 21.

Lessons learned at a mother's side

Cooks in the Rim country, like most of our mothers and grandmothers, rarely used a recipe to fix a meal. They had been taught the steps by their mothers, and years of practice made measuring and mixing and timing almost second nature.

Monday, August 16

Teens on target at World Championships

Payson High School sophomore Margaret Hargett and former Rim Country Middle School student Brady Ellison now know the responsibilities that go along with being a member of a team representing the U.S.A.

U.S. Senate hopeful asks for ‘freedom vote'

Ernest Hancock has been a Libertarian activist since the early 1990s. He has run for the state legislature, the secretary of state and the U.S. Congress. This year will mark his first race for the U.S. Senate, but that doesn't mean he cares about winning.

Democrat for seat says he ‘wants the job'

Democrat Stuart Starky is running for U.S. Senate against incumbent John McCain. He said he hopes voters will look for someone who wants the job.

Incumbent cites experience as his top draw

Jose "Joe" Sanchez said Gila County needs experience on its board of supervisors, and he's just the man for the job.

Candidate aims to create partnerships

Danny Michaels wants to be the public official that brings partnerships to life within Gila County.

Project ChalleNGe targets at-risk youths

There are a variety of alternatives for teenagers who find it almost impossible to succeed in the traditional high school classroom.

Feature Teacher

Name: Nicole Ward

Bus stop or rest area? Officials clarify Beeline structures

The concrete block foundations being constructed at several locations along Highway 87 are not bus stops, both Payson and Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) officials insist.

Nation's health appalling

According to Dr. Lorraine Day, MD, 50 years ago the U.S. was 18th in health (in a list of 79 nations). Today, among 79 nations, the U.S. is 79th!

Shooting prompting lynch mob mentality

As progress proceeds on what I consider to be the legalized lynching of "trail rage" shooter Harold Fish, I think it is important for at least one resident to make it clear that not everyone in the Rim country has been infected by the modern-day lynch mob virus spread by newcomer John McCauley and others.

No wonder Kerry didn't get his bounce

Re: the Payson People article about Mark Reza (Aug. 3 Roundup). There are some stirring comments in this article that I think warrant a response. Most disturbing is the following characterization by Reza, "Democrats look at rural Arizona for its majesty and beauty ... Republicans look at the Grand Canyon and think, landfill."

Consider the candidate's politics, not religion

If an outsider is permitted to voice an opinion, I would like to respond to the "How do your political candidates stack up?" of Friday, Aug. 6, 2004, and Ms. Freeman's questions Aug. 8, 2004.

When we leave it's with what we are

I have an album of Christian songs by Elvis Presley (CDs). What a joy just to sit and listen to his mellow voice and absorb the messages that are in these songs.

What's up?

Q: Where did the name "Rumsey Park" come from? How was it decided to name the town park "Rumsey Park"?

‘Jamaica me crazy' benefit Sept. 12

The Time Out Shelter is preparing for the big fund-raiser of the year -- "Jamaica me crazy!" -- a banquet and auction at Chaparral Pines clubhouse. The fun begins at 4 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 12.

‘Maverick' senator seeks another term

Republican John McCain was first elected to Congress in 1982, representing the first congressional district of Arizona. In 1986 he was elected to the U.S. Senate, taking the place of Sen. Barry Goldwater. McCain is currently the senior senator from Arizona.

Challenger targeting high county taxes

Ernest Valdez has several qualities that make him a good elected official, but one that stands out is his life experience.

Richard T. Freeman

Richard Thomas Freeman, 78, died Aug. 14, 2004 at the hospice house in Payson.

Walter Johansen

Walter Johansen, 83, died Aug. 7, 2004.

C. R. "Bob" Stephenson

C. R. "Bob" Stephenson, 75, of Payson, died Aug. 14, 2004 in Payson.

Carl R. Lundblad, Sr.

Carl R. Lundblad, Sr., 86, of Payson, died Aug. 12, 2004 in Payson.

Harriet Westby

Harriet Westby, 46, of Payson, died Aug. 12, 2004 in Payson.

The perfect Fitt

Rodney and Gail Dahlman of Payson are pleased to announce the marriage of their daughter, Erin Dahlman to Jimmy Fitt, son of Gary Fitt from Flagstaff, on July 10, 2004.

Republican's passion is politics


In this land of mostly Republicans, Connie Bullock is the consummate Republican.

Kuenzli dogs adopted by local residents

Maggie, Sheba and Hank -- the three dogs who were with Grant Kuenzli when he was shot and killed -- have been released by the Coconino County Attorney's Office and have been placed in new homes, according to a reliable source.

A few reminders for healthy pets


This column will be made up of tidbits of information gathered from a variety of sources. Some fun dog events are coming up that you certainly will not want to miss.

Rotarians honor local teachers

Five Teacher Education Grant Awards valued at $500 each were doled out by the Payson Rotary Club at its annual Teachers and Staff recognition dinner Aug. 11 at Rumsey Park.

The lost art of whistling


What ever happened to whistling? I seldom hear anyone whistling any more. Way back when I was a child, my best friend and I had our own whistle by which we signaled each other, and to this day I remember and can still whistle it. I wonder if she can, too?

Man killed in motorcycle crash

David Glen Maxwell, 65, of Mesa, was killed Aug. 7 when his motorcycle went off an embankment east of Star Valley.

Cook swats hole-in-one, but no one sees

It was the ace that no one saw.

Coed softball league may be in danger

The town-sponsored fall coed softball program could fall by the wayside if more teams do not register by the 5 p.m. Aug. 20 deadline.

Football coach suspended for five days

Payson High School football coach Jerry Rhoades has been suspended from both his teaching and coaching responsibilities for five days.

Local archer thanks area residents for their support

It took a good deal of community support for Margaret Hargett to make the trip to the Junior World Outdoor Championships in Lilleshall, England.

A life cut too short

The heart of this old teacher and coach, like those of many others, skipped more than a few beats Thursday afternoon at the funeral of Garrett Quotskuyva.

Council passes on Tyler subdivision

Another Tyler Parkway subdivision was denied Thursday evening, falling 7-0 at the hands of a town council that has suddenly turned feisty as town growth catches up with known water supplies.

Woman injured in storm on Roosevelt

A Tempe woman was injured at Roosevelt Lake Friday trying to exit her boat at the Cholla Bay boat ramp.

Apaches harvest area acorns

With fingers etched by a lifetime of labor, two Apache women sat under an oak tree on Main Street and patiently gathered tiny bits of tribal tradition.

Women open the action at 120th Payson Rodeo


It's Rodeo Week in Payson. The competition is fierce, but there's fun to match -- and good works.

Super seven serve up hope

The senior members of the Lady Longhorn volleyball team are opening their final prep campaign with the determination and confidence that can only be found in a veteran group of seasoned athletes.

Thursday, August 12

Zane Grey fans tracking down Rim country novel sites

A group of hardy history buffs is out looking for the places Zane Grey wrote about in his famous Western novels. The dentist-turned-novelist penned 56 Westerns, setting 24 in Arizona and 12 in the Rim country. In them he either provides specific information about various settings or leaves enough clues for Don Wolfe and the rest of his group to try and follow.

Roosevelt Lake is far from empty

Roosevelt Lake Marina officials announced today that recent media reports expressing low water levels at the lake are misinforming the public into thinking the lake is barren.

Payson airport key to fighting Humboldt fire

The Willow Fire is fast becoming just another summer memory, but the planes and crews of firefighters are still at work.

State returns some of Gila college funds

Gila Community College will soon receive about one-half of the $1 million-plus that was erroneously withheld by the state for out-of-county tuition reimbursements.

Willa G. Baxter

Willa Grace (Blackburn) Baxter died July 3, 2004 at Salem Township Hospital.

Vigilante cause for concern

I have a few questions about the gun-toting vigilante who tried to make the citizen's arrest last week.

Yellow means proceed with caution

I was amused Monday afternoon at 4 p.m., in the rain, trying to make a left-hand turn at the Wal-Mart intersection.

What's up?

Q: Some time ago the paper said a traffic light was to be installed at the corner of Beeline Highway and Airport Road and the Goodyear store would have to pay for it -- granted Goodyear did not open, but Fletcher's did -- what happened?

Lobo replacement among state's best

It could be out of the frying pan and into the fire for the Payson High School football team.

Athletic directors continue to mull 4A split

As the smallest school in the 4A conference, Longhorn teams sometimes find themselves battling opponents with student bodies twice the size of PHS.

Mavs set for WML campaign

The Rim Country Middle School Mavericks are gearing up for what they hope will be highly successful football, softball and cross country seasons.

Theft from convenience store an inside job, police say

Two women have been arrested in connection with the November 2003 theft at the old Whiting gas station.

Charles O. Grover, Jr.

Charles "Charley" Oren Grover, Jr., 72, died Aug. 8, 2004.

Revamped Tontozona greets Sun Devils

Visitors to Camp Tontozona will notice the Arizona State University retreat has received a facelift.

State OKs Pine Water increase

Pine Water Company customers will pay more for water beginning Sept. 1 following approval of a rate increase by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC).

Payson 12 make patriotic pilgrimage over 4th of July

On June 30, 10 young men from Payson joined Dan and Rose Hill on a patriotic pilgrimage to Washington D.C., Valley Forge and Gettysburg, Pa., and New York.

Most volunteers support CKFD board

This is America and anyone has the right to walk into a newspaper and place an advertisement. However, it is a sad day when a person feels the need to be deceitful, play on words, and by false pretense try to influence people.

Retain fire board members

There is currently under way an important election in the Christopher-Kohls Fire District. A member of the current Fire Board is facing a recall election.

A little background on Moore

In answer to Larry Brophy's letter about "Fahrenheit 9/11" being a "must see" -- he needs to apply some caution before he follows this great leader, Michael Moore, off the cliff.

'What's yours is yours'

Mark Reza sounds like a really fine gentleman. Anyone whoseream vacation spot is Lugano, Switzerland, has to have some things right.

Flag football schedule changes

The new NFL flag football youth program to be sponsored by the parks and recreation department will now play games on Tuesdays, Thursdays and some Saturdays.

Current styles the focus of new clothing store

As a young mother with her hands full taking care of a new baby and a toddler, Cheryl Asuhbrenner said she couldn't drag her children to the Valley to shop.

Candidates hope to lead county law enforcement

John Armer, the Democratic incumbent for Gila County sheriff, said he has kept the promises he made to residents four years ago.

Saddle up! It's Rodeo Week in Rim country

Stake your claim to 120 years of Western heritage and take part in the festivities of the World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo.

Henley blowing smoke

Councilman Robert Henley's letter of Aug. 6, in a style that characterizes so much political discourse today, is long on allegations of "inaccuracies", "mischaracterization", "bias", "misrepresentations", etc., but is singularly lacking in specifics. If blowing smoke were the measure of a man, Henley's diatribe ranks right up there with the Marlboro Man. Let me respond to his key points, such as they are:

Moore hardly a reliable source

I was somewhat amused by the letter to the editor encouraging voters to see "Fahrenheit 9/11" before they vote.

Walker responds

The Payson Water Department received a call on a Tuesday from a customer in Payson Ranchos subdivision that the people at 500 W. Arabian Way routinely watered their yard on the wrong day and at the wrong times.

Walker a dictator

On a Monday, my timer for the watering system went bad. I replaced it and on Tuesday reprogrammed it. It has a two-minute test to make sure everything is programmed right. I ran this test for two minutes and it turned off. I went to my shop and then back to my front porch, and in that period of time Buzz Walker came to our home and spoke to my wife about me using water on a day I was not supposed to.

Our landmarks are being covered up

What I would like to know is why the Town of Payson put up a sign that says "Historical Main Street" and then they change Main Street by rebuilding buildings.

Japanese film crew visits Rim

Payson and the Rim country recently hosted a total of 42 crew members from a Japanese film company for the production of a commercial, according to the latest edition of the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce newsletter.

Phone scams strike again

A surge of telephone scams is hitting Rim country, according to Gila County Sheriff's Det. George Ratliff.

Fire board ballots in the mail

Ballots for the recall election are being mailed to voters in the Christopher-Kohl's Fire District Friday, but the word "recall" is not part of the ballot question, according to Dixie Mundy, elections director for Gila County.

Evan A. Griffith

Evan Aaron Griffith, 23, died Aug. 4, 2004 in Phoenix.

Prevent West Nile with a little Bounce


Some Valley visitors to our area expressed concerns about mosquitoes. They were concerned about being outside in the evenings.

Plans under way for Labor Day Bash


Tonto Village is gearing up for the last big celebration of summer with the organizing of the Labor Day Bash by the Tonto Village Fire Sirens Auxiliary.

Monsoons seem to be avoiding Pine-Strawberry


Pine and Strawberry are getting promising clouds and thunder daily but then only sprinkles. Payson must be getting all the showers. We need a lot more rain. A whole rainy day would be wonderful, a day to stay home, read a good book and clean out a closet. What could be better than sitting on a covered deck and watching it rain?

Tharps celebrate 50 years

It's the 50th Anniversary of John and Rosemary Tharp.

Tuesday, August 10

Lefties suffer wrongs from rights


Some time ago I lamented the difficulty of belonging to several Rim country minorities, specifically being a non-spitting, left-handed Democrat.

'Rodeo 101' provides proof for Payson's claim


During my growing up years and beyond there was some trash talk every summer between Payson and Prescott as to who had the oldest rodeo. One summer, I asked my dad about it and he told me that I should talk to my Aunt Rose Childers.

Fund-raiser helps BBBS roll out the fun


Join 300 of your friends at Rim Country Lanes Sunday, Aug. 15 and help Big Brothers Big Sisters of Gila County raise money for fun.

30-minute favorites using ground beef


Ground beef really is a winner. It's perfect for family meals, beloved both by kids and adults alike.

Monday, August 9

Renowned trainer hosts riding clinic

Nationally recognized horse trainer Steve Sikora could be returning to the Rim country.

Secret to long life: garlic sandwiches

Minnie Jepson claims that the secret to long life is garlic. Garlic sandwiches.

Rain brings out not-so itsy-bitsy spiders

Wildlife biologist Mary Gilbert is amazed at how many people intentionally run over tarantulas and lizards crossing Rim country roads. "Please don't try to run over them," said Gilbert, wildlife specialist for the Payson Ranger District. "I can't tell you how many times I've seen this."

Study shows need for public transit

While several communities smaller than Payson offer public transportation, Payson does not -- despite the fact that Payson has more seniors, one of the groups most likely to utilize public transit.

Information on town's hangar project

I am writing to provide information on the town's airport hangar project.

Reading program was outstanding

The Payson Public Library Summer Reading Program was outstanding again this year. The theme was "Plant a Seed ... Read!"

Payson pair teams up to help fight breast cancer

Every three minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. Every 13 minutes the disease claims another life.

Long-awaited ‘Fahrenheit 9/11' opens in Payson

After a month-long wait, political activists and curious moviegoers alike can finally see Michael Moore's controversial film "Fahrenheit 9/11" in Payson.

Rim well represented by county's Republican candidates

Northern Gila County Republicans have several choices to make in the primary election. They also have an opportunity to create a strong presence for the Rim country in Globe since most of the GOP candidates for county office are from this area.

Habitat still taking applications for home

The Payson Area Habitat for Humanity has extended its deadline for applications for the 13th home it will build in the Rim country.

Schools' half-day Thursdays on hold

There will be no weekly in-services in the Payson Unified School District. At least not this year.

Man gets 3.5 years for attempted sex assault

Robert Samarippas, former co-owner and operator of the Samarippas Center, which provides day care for developmentally disabled children and adults, was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison as a result of an agreement in which he pleaded guilty to attempted sexual assault of a woman in his care.

Council tackles another Tyler Parkway subdivision

Yet another Tyler Parkway subdivision issue has landed before the Payson Town Council.

Political ad causes confusion within fire district

The political season is heating up in the Rim country, as evidenced by an advertisement that appeared on page 11A in the Aug. 6 Roundup. That ad has generated much confusion among residents of the Christopher/Kohl's Fire District. The ad suggests that voters in the fire district recall the present board and vote in two candidates, Don Weesner and Brian Crandall. One of the candidates, however, won't be on the ballot.

Businesses, sheriff team up for safety

A trio of local businessmenhose companies rely heavily on trucking are doing more than their fair share to ensure highways remain safe.

West Nile and your four-legged friends


As Arizonans work to protect their families from the West Nile virus, veterinarians hope you don't forget to vaccinate your horse.

Priest knew his destiny at an early age


The parishioners of St. Philip's Catholic Church are welcoming the arrival of John F. Emanuel, who comes from Wilcox, Ariz. Emanuel replaces Father Joe Krause who retired due to health reasons.

Pet doors are a great idea


With school back in session and cooler weather ahead, it seems like a good time to talk about doggie or kitty doors.

Stark reality of domestic violence

It came as little surprise to most of us when Mark Hacking confessed to murdering his wife last week. Most Americans believe Scott Peterson killed Laci and O.J. killed Nicole.

Ad was full of misinformation

I am writing in response to the ad in last Friday's Payson Roundup on page 11A from the Christopher/Kohl's Volunteer Fire Fighter's Association. This group of people was formally known as The Christopher Creek Coalition.

Near misses on Highway 260

I wish ADOT would install a No U-turn sign at the intersection of Manzanita and 260 before someone is seriously injured, or killed, in an accident. In addition to the possibility of that happening, this can be a real pain for drivers using the left-turn arrow.

'Fahrenheit 9/11' a must before you vote

Have you seen "Fahrenheit 9/11" yet? Although this movie shows only one side of the story of Presidents Bush No. 41 and No. 43, it's a side that very few people have ever seen.

'Retirees on economic gold mine'

In the Roundup issue of Nov. 15, 2002, a very interesting article appeared, entitled "Retirees key to region's economic stability." This article was based on an economic study of rural Arizona. Quoting a few pertinent facts from this study as follows:

Thank God for the Endangered Species Act

It amazes me that some folks don't seem to care what happens to either the earth or its inhabitants. We're living in a very important time. It's critical that we step back, look at what's happening today and think for a moment what kind of a world we want to live in tomorrow.

Democrats failed to fix forest problems

Don Castleman's July 30 Roundup letter describes America's problem of moral decay. This letter concerns the problem of fire hazard in the West. Both of these problems have a common thread. The American Constitution describes the powers of government, its organization and limitations on the described powers. The preamble of the Constitution states one of its purposes is the promotion of the general welfare.

Military chorus performance was an honor

I read with interest the article about the Hevelone's grandson, Adam Tyler, being a member of the U.S. Navy Band -- performing at the funeral of President Ronald Reagan. It was in the column Military Brief.

Clarifying college tuition payments

I am writing to clarify misinformation included in previous Payson Roundup articles. These quoted misunderstandings on the part of Mr. Lionel Martinez do not lend themselves toward a resolution for Gila County Community College.

Right opinion, wrong solution

As regards Russ Krieger's letter to editor in your issue of July 20, his thoughts on the federal government's bad management of public lands is quite correct. I disagree with him on the solution of having the feds auction off the land.

Site Feedback

Re: Handicapped parking -- I cannot believe someone has a vendetta against our senior citizens. My mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, people I do work for, waitresses and people my kids look up to are seniors ...

Page star, triathlete win Monsoon 5K

Levi Lomeland, one of the finest high school cross country runners in the state, and Cynthia Pool, a triathlete who just moved to Tonto Basin from Pennsylvania, won the men's and women's championships of the Monsoon 5K.

High school hall of fame to honor state's best

Arizona is now one of the few states to have a high school football hall of fame, thanks to sponsors Phoenix Metro Football Magazine and JK Communications and Construction.

Karnes soars to flight win

Joyce Karnes posted a 26.5 card to win the flight A championship of a Payson Women's Golf Association tournament Aug. 3 at Payson Golf Course. Laura Meyocks took second in the flight with a 27.5.

Cards camp offers fans closer look at NFL team

Rim country football fans hoping for a sneak peak at the Arizona Cardinals have about two more weeks before the team breaks camp in Flagstaff.

Faith Ann Buchholz

Faith Ann Buchholz, 54, of Strawberry, died Aug. 3, 2004.

Garrett Leon Quotskuyva

Garrett Leon Quotskuyva, 20, of the Tonto Apache Reservation, died Aug. 2, 2004 in Payson.

Feature Teacher

Name: Michelle S. Gibbar

Brooklyn Marie Lamb

Brooklyn Marie Lamb was born at 7:07 p.m. Monday, June 6, 2004 at Payson Regional Medical Center.

PHS students unearth birth of civilization

The study of pre-history and archaeology assumed a hands-on approach Aug. 6 in the classrooms of Payson High School teachers Kathleen Alexander-Young and Kenny Hayes.

Saddened at the loss of former player

In 1994, I coached the first eighth-grade football team at Rim Country Middle School.

Sunday, August 8

Water shortages within five years, staff reports

Officials from the Payson Water Department painted a bleak picture for the town council Thursday, reporting that within the next five years, the department will not be able to meet peak water demands in the summer months if development and drought continue.

Friday, August 6

Pups on Parade in the Dog Park 9 a.m. to noon Saturday

In order to bring people and pets together, PAWS in the Park and the Payson Humane Society will sponsor Pups on Parade from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, Aug. 7 in the Off-Leash Dog Park on North McLane Rd. across from the library.

Thursday, August 5

Body identified as missing Tonto Apache

The body found in Lower Round Valley Tuesday morning has been identified as 20-year-old Garrett Quotskuyva of the Tonto Apache Reservation.

Half-day training will help teachers and students

A goal of every good school district should be to provide its teachers time during the week throughout the school year for research, study, reflection and collaboration with fellow educators.

‘Willow Fire' section a wonderful keepsake

Thank you for a wonderful section on the Willow Fire. You and your staff did a marvelous job covering the fire from start to finish.

Your help made contest a wonderful experience

Jaden Brunson and Dale and Megan Struemke thank all the family and businesses that made the "American Coed Pageant" a reality for Jaden. The pageant was held July 31 at the Radisson Resort in Scottsdale.

Kerry's war record fact, not fiction

I am responding to a letter of 8/3 questioning Senator Kerry's war record. The Republicans say his service was too short, then they say he exaggerated his exploits to get medals.hen they say he shouldn't have helped stop an unwinable war in Vietnam that was tearing the country apart.

Longhorn calendars on sale

The sale of Longhorn sports posters by Summit Screen Print the past six years has generated more than $50,000 for the Payson High School sports program.

Who's to blame for state of our country?

The chairman of the Gila County Republican Party's recent submission to the Roundup's readers bemoaning the "Moral decaying of America" is most interesting. Interesting because his party's standard bearer, George W. Bush, has been out on the hustings this past weekend proclaiming that "results count."

Is Kerry a deserving candidate?

I apologize for your being maligned by the letter to the editor labeling you "un-American." It was my close encounter of the worst kind that precipitated their scapegoating of the Payson Roundup and yourself.

Let's ‘accentuate the positive'

"The moral decaying of America" (Don Castleman, July 31), by any measure, has to be the most pessimistic, fatalistic treatise I have encountered in some time. It suggests that we might as well find a corner, sit down, insert thumbs in mouths, whimper a lot, and just plain throw in the towel.

What's needed the most -- infrastructure or economic development?

Many types of covert funding have been, and are being, used to try and attract business and industry to Payson using the long over-used philosophy that it will create more sales tax money to attend to the needs of the people.

How do your political candidates stack up?

When the Interfaith Alliance sent these five questions, to submit to the candidates, I was suddenly aware of our political climate of today.

Community's dedication is beyond words

The family of Leon Carpenter would like to express their deep gratitude to everyone who gave their time and hard work that made saying goodbye to Leon forever memorable:

Lobby group's letter full of inaccuracies

The co-chair of the local lobby group again has chosen to use inaccuracies and mischaracterizations of events to criticize my actions. He also states I should have recused myself from a council vote. I am not sure which vote he thinks I should have recused myself from.

Opal J. Collins (1928-2004)

Opal J. Collins, 75, of Globe, died July 31, 2004 in Mesa. She was born Sept. 8, 1928 in Payson.

Payson Parks and Recreation Roundup

Upcoming events from Payson Parks and Recreation Department 1000 W. Country Club Drive at Green Valley Park • 928-474-5242 ext. 7

Lady Niners crown July champs

The PWGA Nine Hole group held their monthly meeting July 29 at Crosswinds restaurant to announce the month's tournament winners.

Mixer skirmish draws pair of Payson clubs

Members of the Payson Men's Golf Association hooked up with their PWGA counterparts to lock horns in a mixer tournament July 30 at Payson Golf course.

Hardt improves aim at jump-shot camp

If Hunter Hardt's shooting heats up during the basketball season, it will be due to former NBA star Eddie Johnson.

SSG Alexander returns from Iraq

SSG Scott G. Alexander, son of Payson residents Tom and Judy Alexander, returned from a 15-month deployment in Iraq.

DeSpain, Moody wed

Tya and Cade DeSpain and Mikey Moody of Payson are proud to announce the blending of their families with the marriage of their parents Tauna DeSpain and Scott Moody.

Elliott, Pederson marry

The children of Dean Pederson and Laura Elliott are pleased to announce their parents were united in marriage on July 10, 2004.

Columnist in search of a few good berries


Have you noticed that the berry bushes are starting to have ripe berries on them? On my walks around the village, there is a huge bush with wonderful blackberries just starting to ripen.

There's a bear lurking in them thar woods


Christopher Creek residents need to be careful: There is a bear in the area.

Cooler nights are right around the corner


It is August. Is that possible? It means that falling leaves, cool weather and firing up the woodstove cannot be far off. Two cords of wood for the winter were recently dumped in my driveway. The stacking is the tough part, but when that wood is all neatly stacked, it is truly a beautiful sight. I look forward to that first cool night.

Payson real estate firm a national leader for charity

Prudential Arrowhead Realty is in the national top 10 for contributions to The Sunshine Kids Foundation.

Small resort is a Rim paradise

Cradled on the banks of Christopher Creek is a paradise of forest and meadow. The Village at Christopher Creek is a destination resort with seven fully furnished cabins on 28 private acres.

Rim pro comes up short in Classic bid

Friends and family of Mark Kile watched in anguish as the Rim country fishing professional narrowly missed making the second-day cut at the 34th Annual Citgo Bassmaster Classic in Charlotte, N.C.

Leaders defend proposal for more in-services

After having a proposal for weekly teacher in-services tabled at the July 11 governing board meeting, Payson school administrators are gearing up to reintroduce it at the Aug. 9 meeting.

2004 fire season most devastating ever on Tonto

The 2004 fire season is already the most devastating ever for the Payson Ranger District, officials say. While the total number of fires through Aug. 2 of this year is nine fewer than a year ago, the current season has exacted an exponentially larger toll in acres burned, Fire Prevention Officer Gary Roberts said.

Retired cop detains innocent couple

A retired Valley police officer who thought he was witnessing fleeing bank robbers followed and detained a young couple at gunpoint, creating a chaotic situation on Mariposa Street Tuesday afternoon.

David W. Ogilvie, Sr. (1923-2004)

David William "Bill" Ogilvie Sr., 80, died Aug. 4, 2004, at his home on the U-Ranch in Cliff, N.M. An Arizona native, he was born Aug. 7, 1923 in Star Valley.

Reed takes second place in national speed climbing

July 11, 2004, Chase Reed took second place in the nation in Speed Climbing (age category 14-15), at USA Climbing's National Difficulty & Speed Climbing Competition in Sacramento, Calif.

Willow, rains stall town barrel series

Monsoons and the Willow Fire took its toll on the 2004 Summer Barrel Race and Pole Bending Series.

Sneak around with zucchini this Sunday


August is a mellow fellow -- laid back and leisurely, made for sitting and taking it easy, waiting for the cooler days of fall to arrive. It's a time to savor the harvest from our fields and gardens -- watermelon, sweet corn, tomatoes just off the vine, and, of course, that most prolific of vegetables, zucchini.

Council OKs $34.7 million town budget

Payson residents will see a slight increase in property taxes to help fund a $34.7 million budget for 2004-2005. The final budget was approved at a special meeting of the Payson Town Council Thursday evening. When adjusted for expenditures approved by the voters and grants, the total is $30.2 million -- roughly the same as last year's budget.

Wednesday, August 4

Special council meeting tonight: Growth vs. Water

The Payson Town Council will attempt to come to grips with perhaps the most difficult issue it faces - how to reconcile growth and water supply - at the 5:30 p.m. council meeting tonight (Thursday) at Payson Town Hall.

Tuesday night ride every Thursday

It's called the Tuesday Night Ride, but it happens on Thursdays, and anyone is welcome to come.

Tuesday, August 3

Apache/Anglo relations in Tonto Basin


The Apaches living in the Tonto Basin area from about 1900 to 1930 were called "renegades" by the U.S. government because they would not live on the reservation at San Carlos. Most of them had been forced to the reservation starting in 1871 and had escaped, but a few had hidden from the Army and had never left their homeland which extended from the Mazatzals on the west, the Sierra Anchas on the east, the Mogollon Rim to the north, and what is now Roosevelt Lake to the south.

Monsoon moisture opens forests


Monsoon moisture has reduced the risk of fires, so the Rim country forests are once again open for recreation.

Can't take the heat? Get out of the kitchen


School has resumed in the Rim country, but summer is still in full swing. While our monsoon weather cools things off some, the temperatures outside are still on the high side and simple tasks like preparing meals feel as monumental as climbing Mount Everest. A warm kitchen, with a hot stove, is the last place anyone wants to be.

Mayor's to-do list reveals all


As many of you know, new Payson Mayor Barbara Brewer also owns the Swiss Beauty Connection, which happens to be right next door to the Payson Roundup. For you conspiracy theorists, that can only mean one thing.

Monday, August 2

Half-day in-service to go before board again

After rocky greeting, half-day Thursdays back on board agenda

School administrators are doing their homework before representing a proposed weekly one-half day student release time to the Payson Unified School District governing board at its Aug. 9 meeting.

Extras needed for film

Hollywood is coming to Payson, and locals have the opportunity to play extras in a film short that will be shot here later this week.

Body found in Round Valley

Horseback riders discovered a badly decomposed body in lower Round Valley Monday morning. The nude body of a male was in a densely vegetated area about three miles down Gibson Ranch Road.

Renzi touts support of veterans

Rep. Rick Renzi (R-Ariz.) touted his accomplishments to an audience of veterans Friday evening at the Best Western Inn of Payson.

Rural counties need technology, too

There has been a very significant shift in the way we communicate these days. Wireless, broadband, and others have changed the way we think about reaching out and communicating with someone. It's a very exciting time.

Growth vs. water topic of special meetings

The Payson Town Council will attempt to come to grips with perhaps the most difficult issue it faces - how to reconcile growth and water supply - at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at Payson Town Hall.

Shooter enters plea of not guilty

Harold Fish, the 57-year-old retired teacher indicted on a charge of second-degree murder in the shooting death of a local humane society volunteer, was arraigned Friday morning in Flagstaff.

Reseeding begins on Willow burn

Just weeks after the last wisps of smoke have gone out, the U.S. Forest Service is beginning to rebuild in the Willow Fire area.

New device can help save lives

A new lifesaving device was recently installed at the Payson Athletic Club, and it could be coming to a store near you.

Supreme Court decision impacts Payson justice

A June decision by the U.S. Supreme Court has affected the sentencing of a local drug dealer, as well as many other criminal cases statewide.

Our council was elected to represent us

I read with interest your editorial Friday July 23 concerning a council member that you thought should recuse himself because of special interest.

Sometimes growth can be detrimental

In regard to Dick Wolfe's letter of July 23, opposing Bill Michales letter of July 20, I believe that some economic stability is needed to give jobs to the young people that live here. Payson had the lumber mill and that served the community well. That industry has been replaced by several light industries. These also serve the community well.

Councilor's letter failed to address key issues

It's unfortunate that Payson Councilman Robert Henley, an intelligent contributor to council proceedings in many respects, is ethically tone-deaf when it comes to the airport and his evident conflicts of interest.

Don't judge all teens alike

This letter is in response to Kim Resser regarding the "defiant" kids in Payson.

Teens today are eager to learn

Rather than providing negative criticism about our youth today and their ability to perform well on state-mandated testing, we in Payson should volunteer our knowledge and services in our field of expertise with the schools.

Feature Teacher

Louis Crabtree

Ronstadt, shut up and sing

In a recent letter to the editor, the claim was made by an apparent representative of the Northern Gila County Democrats that the Aladdin Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas had done a 180-degree turn in the Linda Ronstadt flap and had invited her back.

Kerry's war record

"Adm. Elmo Zumwalt, chief of naval operations in Vietnam, prophesied that John Kerry's career (in Vietnam) would come back to haunt him" (Investor's Business Daily, 5/24/04).

What's up?

Q: The fourth grade at Julia Randall Elementary School has 28 students in a class, while the lower grades have smaller classes. Are the teachers going to have enough time with the children or is another teacher going to be hired?

Karnes chalks up low-net win

Joyce Karnes played her way to the A flight championship of the Payson Women's Golf Association low-net tournament July 27 at Payson Golf Course. Karnes finished at 73.

Payson to determine fate ofew educational game

Paysonsaking part in the launch of the new educational game, Diploma Dogs, offered for the first time from the Vision Center at the local Wal-Mart Super Center.

Preseason practice kicks off in Longhorn land

Longhorn football practices began Monday for members of the freshmen, junior varsity and varsity teams.

Barry Bonds-like challenge comes to town

The Payson Parks and Recreation Department has teamed up with Mazatzal Casino for the inaugural Home Run Derby, Sept.12 on the Rumsey I ball field.

Early bird savings on Monsoon 5K run

You'll save $5 if you hustle down this week to the Payson Parks and Recreation Department at Green Valley Park and register for the Monsoon 5K. The fee will be $15. For those who wait until the Aug. 7 race day, the fee is $20.

Ella E. Hamlett

Ella Eloise (Lois) Jordan Hamlett, 64, died July 30, 2004.

Nicholas C. Oliver

Nicholas Charles "Nick" Oliver, 78, died July 29, 2004, at his home in Payson.

Local student returns from trip to Japan

Michael Licavoli, of Pine, is the recipient of a prestigious scholarship providing him the opportunity to live and study in Japan.

Sorry about a campaign prank

Dear Mr. Fruth: I'm writing this letter to apologize to you for the trouble I caused you and your campaign members.

Tax rate steady, but you'll still pay more

Property owners can expect to be paying higher county taxes next year.

Thief allegedly steals, burns car

A construction worker called Payson police early Thursday morning to report a car on fire down an embankment at the end of Rim Club Parkway. Police officers arrived to find an empty 1993 Oldsmobile fully engulfed. Payson firefighters put out the fire without incident.

Hospice House a landmark for Rim country

Payson's new hospice house was a busy place Saturday afternoon as hundreds of people attended an open house and ice cream social to get a closer look at the striking facility located at 511 S. Mud Springs Road next to Frontier Elementary School.

Tournaments debut on new courts

The new Rumsey Park basketball and sand volleyball courts will be christened Sept. 11 during the inaugural 3-on-3 Hoop and 4-on-4 Co-Ed Beach Volleyball tournaments.

Friends, family gather to honor retiring teacher

Friends, fellow teachers and family of Gloria Joe gathered Saturday evening Pine to honor one of Payson's most celebrated teachers.

Catherine W. Williams

Catherine Wilma Williams, 88, of Payson, died July 30, 2004.

Rim country readies for apple harvest


Drive through just about any neighborhood in Payson and you will see it -- fruit trees so loaded with ripening fruit their branches are touching the ground.

Democrat's county chair pushing vote


This year's Democratic National Convention is the first Mark Reza has missed since 1968.

Pet food ingredients make a difference


Nutrition: 1, the act or process of nourishing or being nourished. 2. the process by which animals and plants take in and utilize food material. (Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary). Nutrients are the fuels in foods that provide energy, drive growth and repair damage. Dogs and cats have daily nutrient requirements which are necessary for sustaining life. To provide those essential nutrients, appropriate ingredients are selected according to their composition and the availability of the nutrients.

Sunday, August 1

Gila County Republicans sponsor candidate forum Thursday

The Gila County Republicans are sponsoring a forum from 7-9 p.m. Thursday, August 5 for the following candidates:

Growth vs. Water: Special council meetings to address tough issues

The Payson Town Council will attempt to come to grips with perhaps the most difficult issue it faces - how to reconcile growth and water supply - at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at Payson Town Hall.