Teens Today Are Eager To Learn



Rather than providing negative criticism about our youth today and their ability to perform well on state-mandated testing, we in Payson should volunteer our knowledge and services in our field of expertise with the schools. Most teachers would welcome the knowledge and experience our seniors (retirees) possess and would be glad to connect with our community and accept our willingness to volunteer our services to enrich the students' learning through participation with them.

This participation is rewarding to both the student and the volunteer. For example, the military retired have traveled worldwide and have experienced various societies and would be a considerable asset in the World Cultures class in the high school. Those with economic (securities, banking, insurance, etc.), science, math, weather and climate, computers, language arts, industrial arts and business management fields are just some of the examples of areas that would be of great value to young folks in our schools. To have the opportunity to interchange with students frequently provides a positive relationship for both the adult volunteer and the student.

I have volunteered to provide assorted programs with American history classes at Payson High over the years and that relationship and interchange with students has been the highlight of my retired life. The young folks today are a wonderful group and are eager to learn.

Paul R. Gonnerman, Payson

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