What's Up?


Q: The fourth grade at Julia Randall Elementary School has 28 students in a class, while the lower grades have smaller classes. Are the teachers going to have enough time with the children or is another teacher going to be hired?

A: "We're aware of the numbers and we'll be addressing it in the near future," said JRE Principal Peggy Miles. "Enrollment changes considerably over the first two weeks of school with students moving to other schools or out of the district. We're looking at (class size) numbers throughout the district. We're not real comfortable with the class size and (student-teacher) ratio and will be making a decision to better balance the situation."

Q: What's up with the scheduled repair/improvements to Manzanita Drive from Highway 260 to Timber,. When will the work be done?

A: "Yes it is a priority," Public Works Engineer LaRon Garrett said. "The plans have been completed, but there is no funding allocated for it. Until we find funding, we can't proceed with construction." He said the road will need to be totally rebuilt.

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