Is Kerry A Deserving Candidate?



I apologize for your being maligned by the letter to the editor labeling you "un-American." It was my close encounter of the worst kind that precipitated their scapegoating of the Payson Roundup and yourself.

Mr. Ott was wearing a "Kerry" button. He identified himself as a Korean veteran, as were my two older brothers. In a congenial manner, I asked him if he was aware of a press statement by the North Vietnamese General GAP asserting that his army could have never defeated the U.S. Army on the field of battle; and further claiming that the war was won on the streets of Washington, D.C. by such luminaries (a euphemism) as Jane Fonda (Hanoi Jane), John Kerry and their fellow Vietnam War protesters.

Succinctly, the point I wanted to discuss was whether John Kerry is deserving of being Commander-In-Chief of the U.S. military while being viewed as a war hero by the North Vietnamese for his invaluable contribution to their victory? Regrettable, Mrs. Ott terminated the dialogue by shouting me down, and no exchange of reasoning ensued as a result.

On their point of being un-American, I consider burning the U.S. flag, or defecating or urinating on it, by protesters to be un-American. The Ott's choice for president of the U.S. voted three times against a resolution that would have protected our flag from such un-American insults. These despicable behaviors are protected under the guise of "free speech." something the Otts tout for themselves, but not for those expressing viewpoints they disapprove of.

I commend you highly for printing the Ott letter -- it speaks volumes for your integrity. It shows your readers who you really are and what the Payson Roundup stands for. "Hoooah!"

In closing, I would like to accept the label of "Super Patriot" that the Otts bestowed. I will wear it proudly: something I could never do with a "Kerry" button.

David M. Noe

Star Valley

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