Kerry's War Record Fact, Not Fiction



I am responding to a letter of 8/3 questioning Senator Kerry's war record.
The Republicans say his service was too short, then they say he exaggerated his exploits to get medals.hen they say he shouldn't have helped stop an unwinable war in Vietnam that was tearing the country apart.hen they say he should have lied about what he saw in Vietnam because telling the truth is all of the sudden not patriotic.
Now they are gathering any vet with an ax to grind and a political agenda to write open letters condemning him.

Bottom line is that Senator Kerry served his country in combat with distinction and won three Purple Hearts.hree Purple Hearts and all his other honors cannot simply be a just big mistake. am sorry that this contrasts with President Bush who joined the guard, avoided the draft and was AWOL some of the time.ut these are simply the facts and no open letters from anyone can change any of that.
Why try to tear down a man's honorable service to his country for political purposes?enator Kerry deserves our thanks, like all vets do, especially those who saw combat, whether you are voting for him or not.
Craig Crane

Whispering Pines

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