Lobby Group's Letter Full Of Inaccuracies



The co-chair of the local lobby group again has chosen to use inaccuracies and mischaracterizations of events to criticize my actions. He also states I should have recused myself from a council vote. I am not sure which vote he thinks I should have recused myself from.

The council took two votes as it relates to a comprehensive noise ordinance. We voted in May to direct staff to make recommendations for a town-wide comprehensive noise ordinance. It passed 6 to 1. The other vote was taken at the July 19 meeting and that motion was to not consider a comprehensive noise ordinance and it passed 7 to 0.

I am accused of "openly urging CANIT members on." That is inaccurate. I do speak to individuals that attend various meetings. I do that most of the time. Chatting with citizens of Payson in small talk or even about issues of the day is something I believe is consistent with and even mandated by my job as a councilmember.

The Town Attorney did receive two letters regarding my recusal. I requested him to review the letters and make written findings whether I had any legal reason to recuse myself. The Town Attorney reviewed them and issued two opinions that I had no legal conflict. Those opinions are matters of public record and available at the Town Clerk's office.

The comments made by me to an ADOT official were in relationship to the theoretical closing of the Bravo Taxiway gate which would impact access to the airport by all who have built, off-airport, special purpose structures to hold aircraft for storage or maintenance. That gate is the only access to the airport from these off-airport facilities. It has nothing to do with any noise issue, and my comments occurred before I was ever elected to the Town Council.

The survey conducted by the lobby group was very biased and used misrepresentations of fact to mislead the public on what the real truth is. How ethical is it for this lobby group to blatantly distort the facts to further their personal agenda? I do listen to informed and constructive views. Please remember that paid advertisements and letters to the editor from a biased lobby group telling you what others have done are not always correct and may be inspired more by political viewpoint than genuine public concern.

Robert W. Henley


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