There's A Bear Lurking In Them Thar Woods



Christopher Creek residents need to be careful: There is a bear in the area.

Joe Lucas who lives on Columbine Road saw this adolescent critter in his front yard. He is quite large and is cinnamon in color.

The strange thing is he is coming out during the day. Lucas said he had picked some plums and they were going to make jelly. They left the plums in the screened porch along with their dogs. When they returned home they saw the bear prints in the mud right up to the door. Then the bear came back the next day and their dogs treed the bear.

We need to be on the look out and be sure and keep our distance. Those of you who are putting food out, stop. It might draw out the big animals instead of the little ones. Game and Fish officials don't want you to feed the animals and will tell you that they are all able to fend for themselves.

Don't forget Aug. 20, the Firebelles will hold a bake sale in conjunction with the Tonto Village Fire Auxiliary. They need help and some baked goods. The Firebelle's also will be in charge of the silent auction and need items and help in manning the booth. All proceeds will go to the Firebelle's and the EMS account. Contact Sandy Kalmar for more information or to help out with this function at (928) 478-4774.

Flatlander's Party

The residents of Christopher Creek can tell when fall is near when we start talking about the Flatlander's Party.

It's been 25 years since this party was first celebrated. We have lost many residents over the years, but continue to remember them at this celebration.

This year's party will be Sept. 14 and they are having T-shirts made. If you would like to order one, sign the sheet at the Landmark so they will know how many to make. Cutoff date to order one is Aug. 15, and they are $12 each.

Winners of the Ladies Nine-Ball Tournament in Christopher Creek were Candy Hart (first place), Annie Clark (second place), and Kelly Hester (third place). Congratulations, ladies.

The next Christopher/Kohl's Fire Board meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m., Monday, Aug. 9 at the fire hall. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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