What's Needed The Most -- Infrastructure Or Economic Development?



Many types of covert funding have been, and are being, used to try and attract business and industry to Payson using the long over-used philosophy that it will create more sales tax money to attend to the needs of the people. When spending time and money to concentrate on this method, the infrastructure is being further neglected, as it will be many years before any returns will be available for public needs.

The town has been incorporated for over 30 years, and when budgets were much lower, more money was approved for streets than now. Why is this? Do we have a government that is totally concentrating on a myriad of methodologies to continue avoiding the necessary priorities that will improve our dire situation? Has a bureaucracy been established that can overwhelm any council elected?

Payson will never become an industrial type town in spite of those who insist on achieving this goal. The really good paying jobs talked about are not here now, nor will they be. What we have now are wages that are about, or barely above, the poverty level for a family. To continue on this irrational path is destructive to what a town government should be. Consideration of the public's true needs should be paramount in all decisions.

On Main Street, there are about 14 acres of Chilson property up for development. Two parcels of approximately three acres each have already been approved, with some conditions. This is for commercial retail and office condominiums. The rest of it (about 10 acres) is planned for multiple housing and condos. The town is deeply involved in all of this, and more of our tax money will be used covertly -- and what happens will be "explained." Our local government officials, both elected and otherwise, should be an integral part of the common people of Payson. When they don't fit in this category, we will continue to have major problems while money continues to be spent on cosmetic wants because of special interest influence.

Whoever says that a town like Payson can derive the huge sums of money needed to solve our main problems from economic development is ready for waterfront property on the Beeline.

We elect a council to, among other things, prepare a budget without bureaucratic interventions. Any special agenda pressures must be disregarded. It's time to choose what's best for the ordinary citizens. Let the special interests do the waiting instead of us.

Jack Jasper


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