Who's To Blame For State Of Our Country?


Who's to blame for state of our country?


The chairman of the Gila County Republican Party's recent submission to the Roundup's readers bemoaning the "Moral decaying of America" is most interesting. Interesting because his party's standard bearer, George W. Bush, has been out on the hustings this past weekend proclaiming that "results count."

Now let's see, Mr. Castleman, your party has been in control of the United States House of Representatives, the United States Senate, the Presidency and some say, the United States Supreme Court (after all they placed the present resident in the White House).

Yet, according to your letter, you observe that our country is going down the tubes. I guess that means that if "results count" the American electorate should note, by your observations and your position with your party, that the results show total failure of your party and the present administration.

Well, Mr. Castleman, thank you for acknowledging the Republican's failure. I encourage you to take some relief because "hope is on the way!"

Mark Ernest Reza


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