Ad Was Full Of Misinformation



I am writing in response to the ad in last Friday's Payson Roundup on page 11A from the Christopher/Kohl's Volunteer Fire Fighter's Association. This group of people was formally known as The Christopher Creek Coalition.

I am currently on Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department as a volunteer and know of no such association that this ad implies. Therefore, this ad just proves how dishonest, deceptive and desperate this group has become since their recall efforts seem to be failing in other ways.

I would like the voters of Christopher/Kohl's Fire District to think hard about the dishonesty involved with this group before voting. I am not putting any blame on the candidates they are backing because they have probably been misinformed as much as Friday's ad is now misinforming the voters.

Also, one of the candidates in the ad was proven, in the Superior Court of Payson on July 29, ineligible to run for election or vote in the election due to the fact that he is not a resident of this fire district.

I would like to clarify to the voters that the active members of the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department personnel are not supporting this recall.

Marjorie Larsen, Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department

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