Near Misses On Highway 260



I wish ADOT would install a No U-turn sign at the intersection of Manzanita and 260 before someone is seriously injured, or killed, in an accident. In addition to the possibility of that happening, this can be a real pain for drivers using the left-turn arrow.

The vehicle waiting to make the U-turn is rooted there until the traffic clears and, by the time it does, the light changes and there you sit. I thought one of the reasons for the left turn arrow was to move traffic. Fat chance when you're behind one of these guys. I did get behind one of them recently, but made the arrow. This malcontent did not wait for the green - he made his U-turn on the next red.

I've seen many near misses because of these jerks. Drivers in the southbound lane of Manzanita turning west on 260 have had to slam on their brakes to keep from hitting them. Why doesn't the police department make a bid to ADOT? They have more clout that I do.

Pat Harley, Payson

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