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Re: Handicapped parking

I cannot believe someone has a vendetta against our senior citizens. My mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, people I do work for, waitresses and people my kids look up to are seniors. I find great satisfaction in opening doors or performing other ‘boy scout' deeds for them when the opportunity arises. Not everyone is on the same playing field.

Re: Handicapped parking

In response to "Senior parking signs at Wal-mart," I am a senior citizen who uses the handicapped parking wherever available. I would gladly trade places with someone who has a good back, or good knees and would not need the handicapped spaces. I never thought I would be one of those, either, when I was fit as a fiddle.

Re: Standoff on Mariposa

I don't know if ex-officer Rich Mack realizes this, but those two people he detained would have been justified if they had shot and killed him. When someone is holding you at gunpoint, that could be taken as an intent to kill. Not only did Mr. Mack impersonate an officer, he detained them with lethal force, which could be considered kidnapping. Josh Adkins and Josie Russel would do well to hire a reputable lawyer and press charges.

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