Fire Board Ballots In The Mail


Ballots for the recall election are being mailed to voters in the Christopher-Kohl's Fire District Friday, but the word "recall" is not part of the ballot question, according to Dixie Mundy, elections director for Gila County.

"The ballot asks the voters to choose who they want to finish the terms of the board," she said.

There are four names to choose from, including the three sitting fire board members: Jerry Fisher, Mikey Marazza and Powers Webb. The fourth choice is a candidate opposing Fisher, Don Weesner, Mundy said.

She explained that because there are no alternative choices for the seats held by Marazza and Webb, they will be the selections to finish their terms.

The ballots must be returned to Globe by 7 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 7. If voters are unable to get their ballots in the mail in time to meet that deadline, they can be dropped off at any Gila County polling place by the close of the primary, Mundy said. If voters need replacement ballots -- either because they spoiled the mailed ballots or did not receive one -- they will be available at the R-Bar-C Boy Scout Ranch on election day.

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