Most Volunteers Support Ckfd Board



This is America and anyone has the right to walk into a newspaper and place an advertisement. However, it is a sad day when a person feels the need to be deceitful, play on words, and by false pretense try to influence people.

Greg Bownds made misrepresentations in a paid advertisement, in an attempt to influence the voters of the district. He is not part of Christopher Kohls Fire Department. He has no authority or right to represent the volunteers.

I have been a volunteer for the CKFD for many years and can assure the public that most of the department personnel do not support the recall of our current board.

I am not aware of any volunteers that acknowledge that they are part of, or even the existence of, the "Christopher Kohls Volunteer Fire Fighters Association" as named by Mr. Bownds in his ad.

The current board, consisting of Power Webb, Mikey Marazza and Jerry Fisher, have been concerned, faithful, loyal and have dedicated many hours of service to better our district.

Betty Lusson, Christopher Creek

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