Phone Scams Strike Again


A surge of telephone scams is hitting Rim country, according to Gila County Sheriff's Det. George Ratliff.

"On Tuesday, I got back-to-back calls on these new scams," Ratliff said.

One woman got a call from a man saying he was with Bank One/Chase Manhattan.

"He told her she had a credit card bill from back in 1986 for $2,500," Ratliff said, "but he could settle it for $750 if she would give him her bank account number."

Clue No. 1, Ratliff said, is that anyone legitimately calling on your bank account should already have your account number. Clue No. 2 is that Bank One did not exist in 1986. It was Valley National Bank back then.

"She asked why she had not received any notification on it in the mail and he avoided her question," Ratliff said. "As soon as you begin to ask questions, these guys back off."

Ratliff got another call from someone who complained of another alleged telephone scam.

"She got a call from a place called Grant America and said he has $25,000 for her and if she would give him her bank account number, he would deposit it," Ratliff said.

The woman also began to ask questions and got a telephone number and reported it to Ratliff.

"When I called the number, they answered it and said a representative will be right with you,"Ratliff said. "They never came back."

Ratliff said there are several telephone scams going around right now.

"Anyone who calls you and needs a bank account number is not legitimate," Ratliff said. "Any time you have to put money up front -- it's not a legitimate deal."

Ratliff said to start asking questions and even ask for a number to call them back.

"Get names, addresses, phone numbers," Ratliff said. "Give it to us and we will try to do something about it."

Ratliff urges everyone to be wary of any telephone solicitations and to avoid giving out personal information or credit card numbers over the phone or Internet unless you know the company is legitimate.

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