Prevent West Nile With A Little Bounce



Some Valley visitors to our area expressed concerns about mosquitoes. They were concerned about being outside in the evenings.

Right now, Arizona has the highest number of West Nile Virus infections, probably because of all the standing water in the Valley, such as neglected swimming pools.

According to the Gila County Division of Health, this virus can affect birds, humans, and horses. It cannot be transmitted from one human to another.

Mosquitoes are most likely to bite between dusk and dawn, so you need to eliminate any stagnant water in containers around your home. That is where they will lay their eggs.

If you are watering in the evenings, wear long sleeves and long pants. Use an approved insect repellent (containing 25 percent DEET). I've also been told that putting Bounce dryer sheets in your pockets might repel mosquitoes as well. If you see me walking around with something that looks like a hanky in my pocket it's just a dryer sheet. Those nasty pests really like me.

There is a West Nile hotline you can call at (602) 364-4500.

Visiting critters

I was having a problem with the Elk eating my flowers and trees, just like a lot of people in the Rim country. One guy told me to try Irish Spring bar soap.

I drilled holes in the bars to put in the trees and put pieces around the flower beds and I haven't had an elk eat any yet. I have to tell you that soap has such a strong smell I really can see why they stay away.

The elk are out there every night around dusk. There are herds of them all along the road. The females have their babies with them and boy are they cute. You need to be extra careful driving through Christopher Creek at dusk. If they are crossing the road they are not going to move very fast. Chances are if they see you coming, they will freeze in place.

You need to still be careful the cinnamon colored bear is also still around the area. Jo Armistead saw him the other morning around by the water treatment plant in Hunter Creek. She said he was just walking down the road without a care.

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