Retain Fire Board Members



There is currently under way an important election in the Christopher-Kohls Fire District. A member of the current Fire Board is facing a recall election.

This is a mail-only election. Ballots are planned to be mailed out Friday, Aug. 13, to all qualified electors in the C-K Fire District and must be marked, mailed and received back in the county elections office by 7 p.m., Sept. 7.

On May 29, the Christopher Creek Homeowners Association, at its spring meeting, unanimously endorsed and recommended the support of all three current members of the Christopher-Kohls Fire District Board.

The 92 members of the Christopher Creek Homeowners Association are mostly all longtime property owners of the district. They know, respect and trust the honesty, leadership, knowledge and experience of our current Fire Board: Power Webb, Mikey Marazza and Jerry Fisher. We sleep better at night knowing they are in charge.

I urge Christopher-Kohls Fire District electors to vote to retain Jerry Fisher on this most important board.

Gary Anderson, president, Christopher Creek Homeowners Association

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