Yellow Means Proceed With Caution



I was amused Monday afternoon at 4 p.m., in the rain, trying to make a left-hand turn at the Wal-Mart intersection.

The previous lightning strike caused the traffic light to go into a flashing yellow for Beeline and flashing red for the cross street, Rumsey.

As I waited for my chance to enter the intersection, I was amazed as our local drivers were stopping on a flashing yellow.

Did MVD change the rules? Don't you proceed with caution on a flashing yellow?

Mine was flashing red, which means treat it like a stop sign. I was stopped, waiting and watching all these drivers stopping on a flashing yellow. I didn't dare assume it was safe to proceed.

Does this mean our local police department should send out officers to these intersections to lead these stopping-on-yellow drivers by the hand through the intersection and restore stability in their lives? Or, maybe the MVD should mail out road rule booklets to Payson residents so they know how to treat a flashing yellow light and a green arrow.


Dennis Bellemore, Payson

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