Candidate Aims To Create Partnerships


Danny Michaels wants to be the public official that brings partnerships to life within Gila County.

Michaels, a Democrat running for county supervisor for District 2, said he has been interested in politics since arriving in northern Arizona in 1972.


Danny Michaels

While he has never held political office, he has become well acquainted with county politics by working on several campaigns.

As the current manager of Connie's Store, a market in Globe, Michaels said he has gained the budgeting and marketing skills that he feels are necessary to accomplish his goals for Gila County, namely cutting wasteful spending and convincing new businesses to move into the county.

One of Michaels' primary concerns is to curb the county's "run-away property taxes." Gila County must attract new industry to the area to relieve the tax burden that is currently on private citizens, he said.

To do this, Michaels said he would like to bring town leaders from across the county together to discuss granting tax incentives to new businesses.

"Everybody knows the cost of business when you first start up is overwhelming," Michaels said. "Anything you can do to help that will attract business."

Michaels would also like to make economic and social connection with the Indian communities in Gila County. Working with the tribes on various projects, such as the current work on the Globe airport, will ultimately help all groups involved, he said.

"The partnerships you can make are unlimited. It just depends on how far you want to go," Michaels said.

But Michaels would also like to form partnerships within the county government, acting as a moderator between government factions that have not traditionally worked well together.

"We have a lot of personality clashes between government entities," he said. "I can bring them together to work with each other instead of against each other."

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