Nation's Health Appalling



According to Dr. Lorraine Day, MD, 50 years ago the U.S. was 18th in health (in a list of 79 nations). Today, among 79 nations, the U.S. is 79th!

There are many reasons, but junk food is probably the No. 2 reason (our sins are the No. 1 reason).

I blame the doctors, the AMA and the FDA for not educating the people about junk foods -- but they are too busy promoting drugs, radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. They should be teaching nutrition, exercise, the drinking of more pure water, deep breathing, etc. and speaking out against soft drinks, white flour, white sugar, dairy products, tobacco, alcohol, trans fats, margarine, and certainly junk foods. Ninety-eight percent of the products in the supermarket should not be eaten.

Prescription drugs, according to the American Medical Journal, kill 100,000 Americans per year -- and this is in hospitals. Who knows how many outside of hospitals?

Our bodies are loaded with pesticides, herbicides, fluorides, chlorine, sodium, mercury, lead and parasites. Yes, 70 percent of Americans harbor parasites.

Atmospheric oxygen in our cities is running at 6-10 percent. Forty years ago, it was 21 percent, and 5,000 years ago it was 50 percent. Is this the reason Noah lived 950 years?

The Japanese tape their windows shut to keep the bad air out and they install oxygen or ozone generators -- and they are healthier than we, despite more polluted air around them. Of course, their health is deteriorating, as they adopt Western eating habits.

We are ripe for horrible pestilence, diseases, plagues and invasion.

Russ Krueger, Payson

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