No Wonder Kerry Didn't Get His Bounce



Re: the Payson People article about Mark Reza (Aug. 3 Roundup).

There are some stirring comments in this article that I think warrant a response. Most disturbing is the following characterization by Reza, "Democrats look at rural Arizona for its majesty and beauty ... Republicans look at the Grand Canyon and think, landfill."

I find this remark offensive and absurd. Reza is clearly playing by the most recent Democrat playbook written by the Kerry campaign, which seems to be if you can't beat 'em, insult 'em.

I am a proud Republican. As an Arizona resident for 30 years. I cherish and enjoy the beauty and diversity of this land. I have traveled all over the southwest and this state and have hiked the Grand Canyon from rim to rim. I have participated in numerous trail and forest rehabilitation projects, and have given my time to fix fences and build gates to protect non-motorized areas.

I have volunteered to transport, by Jeep, the disabled into our beautiful forests so they too can enjoy the majestic beauty of our state. I hunt and I fish. I am an avid conservationist and an environmentalist (but not by the Democrat's definition). I'm quite confident that I've done more toward this end than most Democrats could ever dream of doing.

Reza claims that most people have a Democratic leaning; he says that my party's attitude is "what's mine is mine" whereas the Democrats are more likely to bend over and help each other.

This can't be any further from the truth.

Reza's implication is that you attempt to solve all problems and inequities by raising taxes and creating government programs. Yes, Reza, what's mine is mine, and I work damn hard for it. That's how I provide for my family, and certainly most Republicans subscribe to this principle. A better characterization of the Democrat's beliefs would be "what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine."

What defines most Americans is their rugged individualism, not their reliance on the government to be the great provider of everything.

It's clear to me now why the recent Democratic Convention did nothing to sway the undecided vote to the left side of the aisle.

Walt Brodzinski, Payson

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