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Q: Where did the name "Rumsey Park" come from? How was it decided to name the town park "Rumsey Park"?

A: The property -- at least 10 acres of it -- where the old rodeo grounds were, and the park was later constructed, was owned by Dale Rumsey, who sold it to the Chamber of Commerce in 1963. The Chamber then gave the land to the town of Payson in 1975, according to information in the new Jayne Peace and Jinx Pyle book, "Rodeo 101, History of the Payson, Arizona Rodeo 1884-1984," published by Git a Rope! Publishing, Inc. and scheduled to be released for purchase next week. Elaine Drorbaugh, vice mayor of Payson at the time the park was dedicated, said Rumsey donated the balance of the property that became the park, so the facility was named in his honor.

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