When We Leave It's With What We Are



I have an album of Christian songs by Elvis Presley (CDs). What a joy just to sit and listen to his mellow voice and absorb the messages that are in these songs.

I am told that (this album is) one of the largest sellers and is still in demand today. They have even outsold "You ain't nothing but a hound dog."

The commemoration of the death of Elvis just passed with thousands of his fans paying homage to him as King. He might have been the king of rock and roll but, with all due respects, he is not the King that I know. My King is alive and is the risen Christ, but doesn't get the attention from the secular society that Elvis does. But, I suppose that if you don't have Christ in your life, you have to have something to hold onto.

I was told that the chaplain of Bourbon Street had a big influence on Elvis. The last song that I heard him sing was: "Where can I go but to the Lord."

Someday we all will leave behind what we have, as Elvis did, and take with us what we are. One thing that we do know is that God's grace is sufficient.

Spud Henry, Payson

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