Woman Injured In Storm On Roosevelt


A Tempe woman was injured at Roosevelt Lake Friday trying to exit her boat at the Cholla Bay boat ramp.

Deputies from the Roosevelt substation of the Gila County Sheriff's Office reported she had jumped out of the boat to get it onto the boat trailer and due to high winds and waves, the boat had slammed into her.

"She got caught in the prop and her leg was pretty torn up," Sheriff John Armer said.

The injured woman had lacerations on her right calf, according to the report from the GCSO.

Deputy Craig Jones, from the Roosevelt substation of the GCSO, said there were also lacerations on her left instep.

"She had another angel looking out for her -- there were no arteries cut," Jones said.

The woman, whose name is not being released by authorities, was rescued from the water by passersby Don and Maxine Morgan and Jim Rance of Tonto Basin.

"We were coming back from a cafe; we normally wouldn't have driven down there" Maxine Morgan said. But the trio was planning to go fishing the next day and had gone down to the boat ramp to look at the lake, she said.

They saw a body in the water and the men went to check, while Mrs. Morgan called 911.

"It's a good thing they went down there," Jones said. "It could have got a lot worse, including a drowning. Her husband couldn't get to her."

Jones, who responded to the scene with Deputy Johnna Kemper, said the Morgans and Rance already had the victim out of the water when they arrived.

"They stopped the disaster from being worse," he said.

When personnel from the Tonto Basin Fire Department arrived, they treated the woman and then two of the ambulance workers and the deputies moved her across the rocks, guided by Mr. Morgan and Rance.

"We still had 60 mile-an-hour winds, the water was still rough and it was raining," Jones said, making the rocks very slippery.

The waves were peaking at about five feet and it was raining, Morgan said.

The accident victim was transported to Payson Regional Medical Center. She was later moved to a Valley hospital, Morgan said, where she is still being treated.

"There was nobody else around," she said. "I've been on Roosevelt when a storm has come in and it's an ugly sight."

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