A Few Moore Thoughts



It seems as of late there has been much discussion on the subject of Fahrenheit 9/11 and what to call it -- propaganda or documentary?

Perhaps everyone arguing over these binary categorizations and using ad hominem attacks should broaden their perspective and view the movie outside of the frame of propaganda or documentary, and instead view it as thought provoking. Perhaps instead of attacking Moore, you ought to be attacking the presentation of facts within the movie proper.

Just because someone used to support socialism doesn't mean they don't have a viewpoint that should be taken into consideration.

Luckily we are equipped with this novel device called a mind that allows us to go beyond what we are told, whether it is a presentation by Michael Moore or a book by Rush Limbaugh.

Maybe the better discussion to be had in a public forum should be based around actual fallacies the movie presented.

For example, did anyone else find it asinine when Moore asked Congress members to enlist their sons and daughters in the military? Last time I checked you couldn't enlist someone else in the military.

I may not agree with some of Moore's political positions, but I certainly applaud him for making a movie that has the ability to get people questioning, thinking, and discussing.

I definitely recommend seeing the movie, not as the authoritative source of truth, but instead as fodder for deeper discussion.

Christina Riepel

Chicago, Ill.

(formerly Payson)

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